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실크로드 엽서 만 전표 - The Silkroad Journey [Goodbye!]


Just recently i had my other blog deleted ( I havent been writing anything about the game or anything related to Silkroadonline and Joymax for long as im concern. Im an addict to that game with spending much time and money on grinding and leveling. Yet like most music game soundtrack - it sure one of the nicest except for certain area. The graphic is quite alright - just that there is too many bot users and making the whole game lag as fucked. The gameplay is the most easiest to play and the screening is way better than Lineage - so im considered as retired-from-the-game because i couldnt log in and fuck those botters in there!. Therefore i hereby am posting what i have posted from my-deleted-blog here as a memory to it since i first developed that before venturing into writing more and more stuffs on this very blog - so this is the main blog on the board now.

Below here is the other article on it which i posted along with its album cover and together with its lyrics - so i dont have the translation, so probably you did better ask some korean friends to get it translated. And i have too posted along with a link to listen to its instrumental version.

Record Name : Shining Star (Digital Single)
Artiste: Blair Park

Blair Park is the singer within the online game called Silkroadonline and she's the star for the SILKROAD theme song Shining☆Star》. In August 2006, Park Chung-Jacques Jewelry from the portfolio, made a first solo album, 《Yeah》. Recently, Blair and South Korean Park is the first rock group Black Hole (Black hole) staged with Taiwan, on the road since starting his solo continuously explore new musical style. The network's game SILKROAD theme song 《Shining☆Star》 is a rock style Lattice intrusion of soft, the lyrics express the pain and even in the face of setbacks, as long as the heart is the dream of dreams will eventually come true faith.


달빛이 부서지는 차가운 이 거리에
바람만 내 곁에 머물고
어릴 적 그 별들과 어릴 적 그 하늘이
나를 감싸죠

화려한 불빛 속에 그대 모습 비칠 땐
차라리 뒤돌아 눈 감죠
다가설 순 없다고 사랑할 순 없다고
내 마음에 그댈 지우죠

You are a shining star
내게 슬픔이 다가와도
하늘과 땅을 가득 채울
네겐 꿈이 있잖아

Shining star
해가 뜨기 위해 날
날 맡겨 둘게요이 짙은
어둠에 끝에서

화려할 네 모습을 눈물 속에 비춰봐
지루한 어제는 벗고서

포기할 순 없잖아 무너질 순 없잖아
네 마음에 꿈을 보여줘

You are a shining star
눈물 속에 어제는 잊어
하늘과 땅을 가득 채울
네겐 꿈이 있잖아

Shining star
해가 뜨기 위해 널
널 맡겨 둔 거야
이 짙은 어둠에 끝에서

두려워 마
그게 바로 너잖아
가슴을 베이고 또 쓰러 진데도
후횐 없어
너의 모든 꿈들을 이젠 보여줘

You are a shining star
하늘과 땅을 가득 채울
네겐 꿈이 있잖아

Shining star
어둠 속을 비추는
넌 밝은 빛이야
힘을 내 너의 꿈을 위해

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Flair Candy said...

nice! =) i know hw to read korean btw. i read ur movie/ tv review. see yah!

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