Friday, June 13, 2008

Veoh Video Network May Have Ban All Countries, But..


Veoh otherwise known as VVN or Veoh Video Network may seem to be banning access to almost 165 countries worldwide to their website. However this may not stop me nor the others from downloading what's on Veoh. We may be using IP address converters or IP address country converters to access. Well desperate users may think of this since Veoh provides good quality videos for users and consumers. Besides doing this, there is another method which is downloading directly from its program - this is for those who have Veoh on their computers. All they have to do is search for whatever they want and click at the second cursor which is the download button and no worries! (*Look at image above as guide!) And i'm back downloading them. Who cares about going to the websites anyway except we cant give any thanks comment to the uploader.

Anyway thanks to whoever uploader in Veoh
. I can continue downloading at ease.

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