Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All in One Piece!~


One Piece #48

One Piece - one of my all time favorite and current collection of manga which is still going on. I have been collecting for like 48 mangas of it since 2005. Just recently in the year 2005, i bought it like a bundle of 10 to 10 and have been till now collecting and reading them patiently. And of course, the manga which i collected is in malay and not the ones which cost more than RM30 in Borders or Kinokuniya. At least i budget it to buy local translation. So here i am currently at No.48 with Luffy and his crew facing Nightmare Luffy (Oz) at Thriller Bark and facing Gekko Moria (Shicibukai).

Hehe, if you did be reading this post and say that this is all i have been collecting. Well i did proved you wrong because i have like almost 20 different titles of manga piling up in my shelves but some i have thrown recently due to quality damage - still i can order (i'm not wasting money!).

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