Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Blog In The Way


I have decided to create another blog - but it's not another ordinary journalistic kind of blog or the similar one as this. Although this one has mixture of my personal diary and my written dark poems and some reviews in varies category which makes this such an interesting blog.

The new blog will soon be announced in later days. The name and link of the blog will be revealed once i have decided to unveil. What is going to be in that blog? Well i have decided to pen down a short feature writing in a monotonous method. Everything is going to be about imagination - and one's imagination will create a scene, place, plot and people and will get to see how things start popping out. It's just a brief story. What would it be like? There could be sexual theme, drugs and violence, love and life. It could be anything.

So, i will release another announcement about it soon!

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