Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Theatre & Red Lantern


I have just created a new blog of which i have mentioned on a previous post and on my public announcement too. This blog will be totally from the current one which is more journalistic, personal views and opinions, movie reviews and my dark poems too. But i will still continue to write my dark poems in here. The new blog is more towards my written short story about anything. It will be a more descriptive type and the imaginative one. My inspiration came from a British author; Jon McGregor who wrote "if nobody speaks of remarkable things". I hope readers will have time and pleasant time reading.

The title of my new blog is called Black Theatre & Red Lantern. Why is called as long as that? And what is the meaning of it? Will tell you when that blog is fully established and my works are to be published there soon. So i will update it sooner!

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