Thursday, July 10, 2008

Come and Allied with or Battle against Me on the Skies of Sios!


A small review on Facebook - BattleStations is that you have 5 selection types of charaction which you are required to choose only one class. So you have to pick your class character you like and begin your adventure where you pilot your very own airship, explore uncharted territories and become the most powerful battleship to sail the skies! Some of the features of the game includes:

- fully Animated ship-to-ship Battles!
- different ways to play: Engage in challenging PvP combat or just trade and explore to become more powerful
- create your character from one of 5 unique job classes
- travel between up to 5 different ports
- more than 100+ ships, weapons and equipments to choose from and many more secret ones waiting to be discovered!

For those who have Facebook application, you can click on this link directly:

Commander - The Commander is a masterful airship pilot and unmatched in ship-to-ship combat. A good choice for beginners; Commanders are good all round characters with strong offensive and defensive power.
Pros: Strong Offence and High hit points
Cons: Low Speed

Pirate - Pirates care little for trading or exploring, instead they excel at attacking and looting other player's ships. The pirate gets a bonus to attack power and gets extra gold for each attack on an enemy ship.
Pros: Strong Offence, more gold from attacking
Cons: Low Speed, Low hit points

Engineer - Engineers are skilled shipwrights who love to make improvements to their ship. Engineer's ships have more health; they can also make repairs faster; the engineer is a powerful but often over looked class.
Pros: High hit points, repairs faster and repairs automatically
Cons: Low Speed, Weak Offense

Trader - The trader is an enterprising merchant who can earn gold faster than anyone else. The trader gets more gold when trading and also earns experience from trading. Traders also get a small bonus to their navigation speed.
Pros: Medium Speed, Trading gives more gold and experience
Cons: Weak Offense, Low hit points

Explorer - The explorer specializes at discovering new lands and trade routes, they also earn bonus gold when exploring. Navigation experts, the Explorers get a bonus to their speed. They also have a higher chance to find rare items and resources.
Pros: High Speed, Higher chance to find rare items
Cons: Weak Offense, Low hit points

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