Saturday, July 12, 2008

~ Earth the Thinny ~


Lies here the seed of fresh soil,
Buried it within root and weed,
When the light screams with coil,
Plough and harvest the ripe for feed.

The smiling ice ball with a cynical eyes,
Glowing cold amongst the black sky,
Death is the creature on low rise,
As darkness darkens without sigh.

The boring talks of one who speaks,
A vulture at day scavenge the dried corpse,
Of gold coins, leftover bread-sticks,
At night field - that thief steals the crops.

Of solid dull with a blunt smile,
The demon feeds on rotten popkin,
Dark woods are forbidden words as a child,
Never there a resist leads to another dying kin.

Yet another veal,
Hunted and hung up towards down,
For the cannibalistic villagers hungers to meal,
It is a ka-tet when came a town.

Say thankee sai,
With spoil presents of Christmas tree,
Doubt the future is nigh,
For naive hobos chants the divine land with Charyou Tree.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2008 )

* A mixture of stir in our nation's politics. The naive and simple-minded has always been the superior. And yet they can never try to learn from mistakes than to find mistakes for others. There is no democracy, it is merely more towards an authoritarian government. How can one be visit a remote states to promote their love for the people - when at the same time trying to gain some trust for their own usage. How can one progress with such a thought as to compare to other countries? There are time when we are taught to look east - Japan. Admire their strength and brains in technology, beautiful and clean country with more freedom. When will ever be a better promising words? For all the plans that have been planned. We are still living behind. Environmental issue pose another means too! - I shall witness the destruction of both mankind and nature for whoever dirty deeds has acknowledge not their wrongdoings. Who is to blame?

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