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Fable II [Only Available on XBOX 360!?]


Fable II is an upcoming role playing video game exclusively for the Xbox 360, which is being developed by Lionhead Studios and will be published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a sequel to Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

The game will take place in Albion, 500 years after Fable's setting, in a colonial era resembling the time of highwaymen or the Enlightenment; guns are still primitive, and large castles and cities have developed in the place of towns.



The family aspect of the Fable series will be further built upon, it will be possible to get married, have sex, and have children.

The sex aspect, relatively unimportant in the first game, has also been built upon significantly. Players will be able to choose to have protected or unprotected sex, and by extension choose whether or not to have a child. Female player characters will be able to become pregnant, and they will also undergo the relevant physical changes. Sex will, however, fade-to-black as in Fable.

The player's child or children will look upon the player as an example and will also follow their alignment, looks, etc. A player's family can also be killed by a co-op player but only if friendly fire is made active by the host player.

Same-sex marriages, as in the first game, will be possible.

Character morphing

Fable II enhances the system of morphing one's character based on their actions introduced in Fable. Character morphing revolves around two main alignments: Good and evil. New aspects of the character alignment system include corruption, purity, kindness, and cruelty which will enhance or degrade a character's features. The player can be good but a loner, or unpopular socially, or be evil yet charming, etc.


Albion is expected to be 10 times the size from the original game with 20 fully free-roaming regions and roughly 30 dungeons to explore. There are around 100 augmentable weapons, 70 augmentable clothes, and 20 different tattoos and haircuts. There are only eight basic spell types, but they are upgradeable to varying degrees, allowing for around 80 spells. There will be more than 160,000 lines of "AI-driven dialogue", over 150 unique quests and more than 6 minigames. While Molyneux has stated that the player can complete the main story in 12 hours if they rush through it, it would take much longer to complete everything in the game.


There will be both interactive and a few non-interactive cutscenes in the game.

Similar to the feature in Gears of War or Assasin's Creed there will be 'points of interest' in some cutscenes that a character may focus on by the press of a button. In the fully interactive cutscenes a player can use their expressions during the dialogue (such as laugh when a character reveals a sad story) or even run away from the scene, thus skipping it.

Dynamic world

The world in Fable II will be fully dynamic, interactive and free roaming with no set quest path to take.

Since the game will take place over a hero's lifetime, many things will change; Molyneux gave an example of a trade camp that the player could either help or destroy. Trading in such camps would increase their profit, resulting in a small town growing around them, while stealing from the camp or massacring the camp will result in the abandonment of the area.

Additionally, every accessible property (properties that can be entered by the player) in the world is ownable, and possessions often unlocks further quests. The houses will be furnishable with furniture etc available to buy. In addition titles will be awarded for buying property; if one were to buy every building and piece of land in a town they may become the mayor of that town, greater possessions leads to higher titles such as king, and eventually emperor of the entire land of Albion.

The environment in Fable II will feature trees with branches and leaves that are individually animated according to their own physics, each tree having roughly 120,000 leaves. There are also around 15 million poppies in Albion.

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