Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flock 2.0 The Next Best Web Browser After Firefox 3.0


A preview of Flock's web browser version 2.0

Web browsers are getting in touch with people (consumers) like fashion invasion. It's a matter of getting what is best for users to browse. In the 1990s we have what we already till now which is the Internet Explorer (IE) which has grown vastly to keep update along with the technology of 21st century.

So many rivalries and competitors keeps pushing themselves to suit our needs. As for history lessons, Netscape Communicator (now Navigator) and Opera pushes its product by introducing the version 1.0 in 1994.

IE came in 1995 launching its first web browser while Netscape reach v2.0 and Opera still with its initial release.

Somewhere in 1997 - Microsoft introduces IE for Macs' and it was then known as Mac IE. Then finally launched our favorite Mozilla (not yet merge with Firefox yet) v.10.

Technology in the internet advances so quickly so are the brains of those programmers that in 2002, two more web browsers pops up: they are Camino (GUI-based web browser for Mac) and Phoenix.

It's like seeing web browsers giving birth to another or having a couple more siblings.

Early 2003, Phoenix evolves into Firebird and Safari came along.

In 2004, Mozilla added extra name for itself and it was known as the Mozilla Seamonkey. Then the Firebird grown into a Firefox and merges with Mozilla and became Mozilla Firefox.

In 2007 - it is fully known as Seamonkey. Flock introduces version 1.2 and also the 2.0 beta version.

So what's still running? All of them!

Here are the current versions:

Netscape Navigator, Opera 9.51, Internet Explorer 9.51, Mac IE 5.0, Seamonkey 1.1.11, Camino 1.6.1, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1, Safari 3.1.2


Flock just releases its Flock v2.0 beta version and it's so awesome and of course it was good as it is built on Mozilla's Firefox codebase. Here's a couple of screenshots!

Tips & Guide to Flock v2.0 Beta

Besides, i find it more manageable and convenient for bloggers or anyone. And i'm enjoying using it currently.. Try it! I'm sure you will love it too!

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