Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kingston or Mushkin?


Mushkin's cover package

Recently, my desktop PC was having some minor problem, it keeps on rebooting. Me and my bro contact our uncle from Penang regarding the situation. He says that it could be the RAM problem, so we tried removing one of them to give a test. It still have symptoms of rebooting. My first thought was either the RAM or the hard disk fault.

Today we bought two 1 GB DDR Ram (Dimm). DDR? You might think that it's about hell time to change to DDR-2 instead. But i'll say i rather did wait for DDR-4 which would be coming out next year or by the end of this year. Then i'll shall upgrade by then by changing the CPU set.

So we will see the price of AMD Phenom fallling down together with the rest of the parts.

Anyway, after further testing. It wasn't the RAM fault nor the hard disk. Most likely the Windows ought to be corrupted. So ... answer to solution is reformat instead of repair. Good thing there isn't anything important on the desktop since everything important to me is on this laptop.

Actually I wanted to get Kingston but my brother wanted Mushkin - so Mushkin!

A comparison with Kingston Vs. Mushkin, is Kingston's usage is 2.6v while Mushkin uses 2.5 v. The Mushkin's height is slightly shorter by a few milimeter

Mushkin 1GB DDR RAM casing(RM250 for 2 pieces)

Below here are the specs and actual price:

991130 (1GB) PC3200

991373 (2x1GB)

Frequency: 400MHz Latency: 3-3-3-8 Parity: Unbuffered

Voltage: 2.6V Pins: 184
Density > > > Module: 128Mx64 Chip: 64Mx8

This 128Mx64 SP3200 module is an unbuffered 184-Pin Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM), organized as a dual-bank high-speed memory array. 64Mx8 chip density. This DIMM achieves high-speed data transfer rates of up to 400MHz. Rated 3-3-3-8 at 400MHz.

PC3200 - Purchase Options

buy direct

991130 (Module) List Price: $39.70
Web Price: $34.52

991373 (Dual Pack) List Price: $79.40
Web Price: $69.04

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