Friday, July 18, 2008

North Korea - My Dream of Visiting!


North Korea - a country i have been dreaming to go. Everyone said it's a dangerous place to visit. But i think not. This is the perspective of what the everyone think and what the Americans said about them. As you can see North Korea is a beautiful country and yet clean. They have been secluded from the outside world and preserving their culture and beliefs. I respect on how they discipline their people.

The sightings and pictures being posted on the internet are quite limited. Eventually somewhere around last year in late 2007 - 100 journalists were selected to take a peek on North Korea. There are many ways to get into restricted countries. I don't mind paying more to enter and see with my own eyes. When will it open its region to everyone?

Here are a few pictures i have gotten from somewhere.

Kim Il-sung Square


Pyongyang from sideview

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