Friday, July 11, 2008

Tycho and Gabe Against Fruit Fuckers and Prime!


Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an episodic video game series based on the webcomic Penny Arcade. The story begins with the narrator reading the first verse of a poem, later called The Quartet for the Dusk of Man. The player then designs a character of their choosing; with an introduction in the 1920s suburban neighborhood of the Player. A mysterious voice instructs the Player, whose home is quickly destroyed by a giant robot (a steampunk version of Fruit Fucker Prime), while smaller steampunk Fruit Fuckers attack. After a brief tutorial, the player teams up with Tycho Brahe, a scholar of Apocalyptic Studies turned detective, and his exceedingly violent partner who fought with the devil, Gabe, in search of information on Fruit Fucker Prime.

The three meet with Tycho's mechanically gifted niece, Anne-Claire, who suggests they search New Arcadia for evidence of Fruit Fucker Prime and parts of it. Tycho, Gabe, and the player begin collecting evidence of the giant robot, while also searching for a new home for the player and running afoul of a cult of mimes. They discover the smaller Fruit Fuckers are built in a factory underneath the Shithole, an apartment building the player briefly considers renting from, and that the mimes are devotees of Yog Sethis, also known as the "Silent One". The Necrowombicon, an ancient book that has no text but can be interpreted by a mime, describes the Silent One as "a horrible deity of unending quiet", a giant mime with Cthulhu's head.

Tycho is horrified that he allowed himself to miss the signs of an ancient God's return previously, and despairs that all hope is lost. The player asks Anne-Claire for her input, upon which she theorises that there might be special items that can endow Tycho, Gabe, and the player's weapons with metaphysical properties capable of harming the Silent One's physical form. They gather the required items (a vacuum tube, scorched hobo urine, and the soul of the mime cult's leader), transform their weapons, and defeat the Silent One.

After the final battle, Tycho, Gabe, and the player watch the Silent One's form explode. Fruit Fucker Prime watches them from the beach, and walks into the ocean after Yog Sethis is destroyed. The second verse of the opening poem is then read aloud by the narrator.

For more information:

Fruit Fucker: A small, robotic juicer with an unusual means of extracting juice. It was first mentioned in this comic. Brenna and Kara tie Fruit Fucker in a sack and set him adrift at sea at one point in the strip, after he touches Brenna's hair in an inappropriate manner. This leads to a multi-comic cross-over story arc. He later saves Tycho and Gabe when they are trapped in the mall with zombies by activating "Code Omega".

Anne-Claire "Annarchy" Brahe: The daughter of Tycho's brother (of whom Tycho does not seem very fond), Annarchy is known as an accomplished polyglot, like her uncle, employing extensive vocabulary, and some knowledge of the Klingon language, a hardcore gamer, claiming to have played Final Fantasy on the Famicom in the original Japanese, and sneaking into the 2005 E3 in his baggage, and recently, a vegetarian out of spite. She was 11-years-old when she first made her appearance in the strip.

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