Saturday, August 16, 2008

Does Anyone Remember That WALL-E Looks Like Johnny 5?


How many films have you watched involving robots and artificial intelligence? Or robots who are actually being program for mankind's laziness or super-technological-weapons of mass desctruction?

The war between Optimus Prime and Megatron animation series in the 80s, then turn movie last year in 2007? Wachowski Brothers' The Matrix? Robin William's Bicentennial man? Will Smith's I, Robot? And the classic Ted Hughes' The Iron Giant?Now here comes WALL-E, an acronym short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class. There are actually Hundreds of thousands of waste-dispersal robots, known as "WALL-E" units, were left behind to clean up the planet by compacting the trash into cubes and stacking them into skyscraper-like towers for easy disposal.

However after 700 years, one only remain operating. This last WALL-E has sense of curiosity and obsession with mankind's equipment which he kind of adapting interest on collecting junk items which may be useful for him. He is often heard and seen playing a short clip of 1969's musical film Helly, Dolly! especially the performances of "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" and "It Only Takes a Moment". Apparently this scene teaches him about emotion - the holding hands scene is the method of expressing love.

One day, WALL-E discovers a seedling plant, which he replants in an old boot. Shortly afterward, a spaceship lands on Earth and deploys EVE, a feminine, robotic probe sent from the Axiom, and WALL-E falls in love with her upon first sight. Although she expresses fascination and amusement in his personality, she does not reciprocate his feelings of love as her only concern is for her directive of, incidentally, finding signs of plant life, which would allow humanity to return to Earth.

... Stop! You have to watch it to feel the sense of emotion between the robots gesture. You will have plenty of laughter and heartbreaking stuff around! There are a whole lot of chemistry in the film. Pixar animation fans will love it too! This movie aint ye typical robot movie. It could happen in the next century. Seeing mankind like a bobo doll? Whoa!..

Johnny 5 Vs. WALL-E

When i first watch WALL-E trailer last year - it kinda remind me of a toy robot which i had many years back. And i somehow recall WALL-E as Johnny 5 from the 1986 film - Short Circuit! Well of course, Pixar's inspiration came from Johnny 5 - so Johnny 5 should have some credit on it too!

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