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Know Your ABC in The World of MMORPG


The world of MMORPG is one hell of a massive virtual place where there is no doubting gender would gather and play their favorite genre of online games. Just jack on to the internet with a high speed ADSL and begin meeting people from over the world. The most continent to be plug-in to play is from the South East Asia. Countries from Malaysia and Singapore has been the most so far. Not to mention other asian countries with large populations from China, Japan and South Korea too.

Besides, in the world of MMORPG - it has its own jargon and slang and acronyms! Here are some of the acronyms most commonly used:

In Chinese, this means “Jia (plus) You”, which means “Persevere, do your best!” or like the Japanese would say, “Ganbatte!”

Abbreviation for “aggressive” behaviour, used to describe monsters that attack players without being first provoked.

Abbreviation for “Area of Effect”, refers to the area where spells and damage take effect on opponents.

A game character that represents the player in the game world. Also refers to a graphic or icon used by users in a forum or message board to represent themselves.

“Away from keyboard” and “Away from desk” respectively; used by players to signal that they might be in the game but will remain inactive for a short while as they attend to personal tasks.

Abbreviation for “Bind on pickup”; refers to certain items (usually rewards for killing monsters) that are picked up by characters within the game and that cannot be sold or transferred to other players.

Abbreviation of “robot”; bots are units that are programmed for certain tasks, such as imitating human behaviour. They are sometimes used in online games to make up player numbers for certain tasks such as healing or fighting in combat.

To temporarily increase a character’s skills or abilities, usually by means of casting spells or equipping special rings/items.

An error in the game. Sometimes it can be exploited by players for certain advantages, such as faster level-ups or easier ways to kill monster bosses. However, game companies are usually able to fix these bugs soon enough with software patches.

A strategy used in first-player shooting games where a player (camper) stays hidden in a place to ambush other players that pass by.

Corpse Run
When your game character dies, it returns “naked” to your bind/home point, leaving its precious equipment back at the spot where it died. Hence, in order to retrieve your equipment, you have to do a corpse run to the place where you died.

“Crash to desktop”; it refers to a software conflict or bug resulting in an abrupt crash of the program, bringing the player back to the desktop.

“Disconnected from server”; a most unfortunate situation where you’re unable to play with others.

“Damage per second”; the measure of offensive power held by a character.

Abbreviation of "Experience" and "Experience Points"; you usually gain them after a fight with enemies or stage bosses. Accumulation of EXP allows you to level up, learning new skills and abilities.

To stay in one place and kill the enemies that repeatedly crop up in order to gain more experience points or collect more gold.

Abbreviation of “Free for All”. Describes a situation where the items and enemies in an area are free for everyone to pick up or fight.

To kill an opponent’s character; can also refer to the number of kills (frags) you accumulate in the game.

Usually used as a derisive term about an opponent with weak health or poor skills which make him easy to kill, upping your score on the charts.

Acronym for "First-Person Shooter", a genre of games where you roam around a 3D environment in first-person view, armed with a gun or weapon of some sort, and taking trigger-happy shots at the first person/object you meet round the corner.

Abbreviation of “For the win!”; used for celebratory occasions, e.g. “Woot! We pwned them totally! Let’s do a little jiggy dance FTW!”

Refers to situations where a player is taken by surprise and attacked by another more powerful player, usually while he/she is busy fighting other enemies.

Acronym for "Good game”, occasionally used in a sarcastic tone when something unfortunate or foolish happens, “Oh you failed your tests again? GG to you.”

"Good game, good luck and have fun!" Like the above, this may be more of a sarcastic comment, depending on the context.

“Game on, Play on!” Our PlayPark cheer to rally the team and give the game a good start.

A term describing a player in an online game whose main aim in playing the game is to cause grief to other players, either by harassment or killing their characters.

Abbreviation for “high five”.

Acronym for “Health Points”; when you reach 0HP, your character dies, duh.

“In-Game Nick”, the nickname players use to represent themselves in a game server.

“In Real Life”.

“Just kidding”.

Hacker slang which means “you”, as in “joo suxz” (you suck) or “joo got skool3d” (you got schooled).

Abbreviation for “Kill-stealing”, where a player (usually with no self-respect) barges into another player’s monster/enemy fight in order to steal their kill and gain experience points.

Usually occurs to someone with a slow server connection or poor graphics equipment, causing slowness and jumpy frames in their gameplay. Also known as “laggy”.

l33t, leet, 133+, 1337
Slang word bestowed from the hacker gods, meaning "elite"; now commonly used by online gamers and other internet slaves.

“Laughing my ass off”, self-explanatory.

Abbreviation of the word “level”, used to denote different player skill levels.

Acronym for “Massively Multiplayer Online Game”; a game where up to thousands of players are connected to one another via regional Internet servers and engaged in play simultaneously.

Acronym for “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”, the more famous type of MMOG with fantasy and role-play elements, e.g. World of Warcraft, MapleStory, etc. Other types of MMOGs include MMOFPS (first-person shooters) e.g. Half-Life: Counter-strike and MMORTS (real-time strategy games) e.g. StarCraft .

Mob or Mobs
Abbreviation for “Mobile Object”; usually refers to monsters or enemies within the game.

Refers to an alternative character used by players to store or transport items.

Refers to powerful or rare monsters as they usually have unique names and drop more or better items than average.

To lessen or decrease the power of certain traits/skills/powers. Sometimes, game developers will “nerf” certain traits in the online game so as to maintain a level playing field for all characters. Can also be used in contexts where certain objects are destroyed or wiped out.

Acronym for “No money, no honey, nobody love me.” Frequently used in Fishing Champ when players are waiting fruitlessly for their catch.

Noob, Newbie, Newb
“Newbie” refers to a new, inexperienced player who has just joined the game. “Noob” is a more derisive term to call a newbie.

“Non-Player Character” or “Non-Playable Character”.

Refers to any magic spellcaster in a team that can deal huge amounts of HP damage to enemies.

“Oh my god”; an exclamation to indicate surprise.

“On my way!” An abbreviation often used in reply to requests for help or backup in fights.

Own, 0wnz0r, owned
To completely dominate the game and show one’s superior skills, for e.g. “I 0wnzor him!” or “They totally owned the game.”

Acronym in RPGs for “Player Character” of “Playable Character”.

Acronym for “Player Killing” or “Player Killer”, it is used to describe the act of killing other players in a multiplayer online game, usually in a surprise attack or ambush. PKs that constantly kill others for no material purpose than to upset them are labelled Griefers.

“Private message”.

The act of attacking or luring monsters in order to attract them to another area. Also used to refer to monsters that are attacked in this manner.

Acronym for Player versus Player, combat situations. Other versions include PvM (Player vs Monster) and PvE (Player vs Environment).

Pwn or pwned
A deliberate misspelling of own, since the letters P and O are right next to each other on the keyboard; it carries the same meaning as “own”.

Where a group of players band together to attack another area in the game, usually to gain certain items or eliminate enemies.

Res or Rez
To resurrect a dead or incapacitated character.

A "Real-time Strategy" (RTS) game occurs in real-time where all players can act and move simultaneously, as opposed to the older turn-based games where only one player moves at a time. Strategies are employed as each player consider moves and maneuver armies to stake advantages and win the game.

Acronym for “Rolling on the floor laughing”.

Acronym for “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off”.

Players in a “Role-Playing Game” (RPG) take up roles of characters and create or follow a storyline within the game. There is a system of rules and guidelines and their success in the game will depend on their actions and skills.

To attack an opponent in a very short amount of time, usually using mobs of your own minions.

"Sharing is caring." Used when players are asking for stuff or items from each other.

When monsters are generated by the game, at either fixed or random points.

“Shut The F*** Up”, an extreme way of telling someone to shut up.

A term that means best or ultimate, as in uber-cool (very cool). Comes from the German word for “above”.

“Want to Buy”.

“Want to Sell”.

“Want to Trade”.

“What the f***”.

“What the hell”.

“Way to go!”

An exclamation of joy and happiness, especially when you’ve beaten an extremely difficult boss or picked up a rare item. Can also be used as an expression of agreement.

Acronym for “You have been trolled” or “You have been tricked”.

Used to indicate boredom or sleep.

However that is not all - there are still a bundle more especially those in vulgarities of common hokkien and cantonese languages. I won't list it out here yet! Besides when you're online - you find plenty of other virtual friends using other languages acronyms.

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