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The Full Cast of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3


Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

Allied Nations

  • Field Marshal Robert Bingham, a British General with the Allied forces, played by Jonathan Pryce.

  • President Howard T. Ackerman, President of the United States. He is an anti-communist believing them to stand against everything the Allies stand for. Played by J. K. Simmons. According to the latter, Ackerman has "facets of George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove"; a "little bit of Barry Goldwater" and "at least a tiny bit of Dubya creeping in there".

  • Special Agent Tanya, who appeared in Red Alert and Red Alert 2 is li sted on the official "factions" page to return for this game. She has a new weapon called the "Chrono Belt" that teleports her five seconds into the past. This creates a great escape if things get too ugly. She will be portrayed by Jenny McCarthy. Further details are unknown.

  • Commander Warren Fuller, He is described as a man who survived because of his tenacity and determination. Portrayed by UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture.

  • Commander Lisette Hanley, appears for brief moment in the casting trailer, portrayed by Autumn Reeser.

Empire of the Rising Sun

  • Emperor Yoshiro - Emperor of the Empire of the Rising Sun. In the casting trailer he is seen saying "You will bow before us or you will cease to exist." played by George Takei.

  • Suki Toyama - Japanese officer who briefs and assists the player. Played by Kelly Hu.

  • Crown Prince Tatsu - Mentioned in the official website's "Facti ons" page. Also seen in the new Empire of the Rising Sun trailer where he congratulates the Empire's Commander and assures him that they will annihilate the Soviet army in Mosc ow. Played by Ron Yuan.
(Yuriko Omega: Picture unavailable)
  • Yuriko Omega - A Japanese Imperial Psionic Commando trained - or rather, psionically altered - at the Shiro Sanitarium, who appears as a schoolgirl no more than 18 years old. To be voiced by Lisa Tamashiro.

Soviet Union

  • Premier Cherdenko, political leader of the Soviet Union who succeeded the Romanov legacy. The Premier, with the scientist and the soviet military general, returns in the past and shakes hands with Einstein making the Professor disappear from the timeline (echoing the scene where Einstein does the same with Hitler in the first game). Portrayed by Tim Curry.

  • Dr. Gregor Zelinsky, responsible for the time machine which they use in their mission to eliminate Einstein. He is constantly expressing worry and regret over the effects of the mission on the space-time continuum. Played by Peter Stormare.

  • Lieutenant Dasha Fedorovich, also appears within the casting tra iler, warning the commander of the attack by the Empire of the Rising Sun. Played by Ivana Miličević.

  • General Krukov, appears with the Soviet leader and the scientist in the casting trailer. General Krukov accompanies the Premier and Dr. Zelinsky when they return in the past to eliminate Einstein. Played by Andrew Divoff.

  • Natasha Volkova. A folk legend and Commando, Volkova is a legendary sniper with a great reputation for marksmanship. According to the game, her talent was supposedly discovered at a young age, but questions exist as to her identity, personality, and abilities, with some suspecting that aspects of these may have been fabricated for the purposes of propaganda. Her precise role in the campaign has yet to be confirmed, but Volkova will appear in cut scenes and as a playable character. She will be portrayed by mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano.
(Sergei:Picture unavailable)
  • Sergei, a military soldier officer/commando within the Soviet Army. Appears for a short time in the casting trailer being tortured by Tanya. Played by Stelio Savante.

  • Commander Zhana will assisting player in certain missions. Briefly seen in the cast announcement trailer. Also appears on the Soviet Theme Pack for the Xbox 360. Played by Vanessa Branch

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