Saturday, November 29, 2008

Red Alert 3 Vs. Red Alert 2


Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA) has presented us the best Command & Conquer's Red Alert franchise games. Yet, there are still something missing in this classic game. I know it is trying to show less factions too, unlike RA2 (Red Alert 2) and RA (Red Alert) who gives us choices to choose between those countries. Sure I miss Libya's demolition truck!

RA3 has come a long way surprising us after 7 years, more tall tale on time machines and Soviet invasion in alternate timeline and realm. Building structures in the sea is something new! New Soviet commando (Natasha) much better than Boris who got killed in RA2:YR (Yuri's Revenge) but has the same function of calling air strike (looks like Orc Bomber from Tiberian Sun). Tanya is blonde in RA3 and she has some sort of reverse time ability, but she proves to be no better than Natasha. And the latest faction has come to join the game is the Rising Sun. Japan's commando (Yuriko Omega) proves to be fragile yet a wicked school slut and bitch who has the ability to deploy a psionic wave tossing infantries into the air and die; she has the ability of using her mind to toss vehicles into the sky and crushing it, buildings are no match - instant death!

EALA's Command & Conquer's developers has taken this opportunity to pay a tribute to Yuri from RA2. So Yuriko is like the ultimate bitch! This interview session was video podcasted on BattleCast Primetime.

Psionic Decimator Vs. Psychic Dominator - sounds alike eh? Well, wasn't the tribute going too far beyond when the superweapon launches it looks similar too! But of course, Japan doesn't have any units which are able to mindcontrol. If it does, it doesnt seem fair right?

I have notice about the game play as well - it's kinda slow. Some editor from Malaysia PC Gamer commented that the game play is fast, and i was like WHAT? - If you compare to previous RA's frachise - that is what i call fast! While for RA3, it is impossible for me to go on a rush move to conquer a base. The only thing i could think of is either sickle or conscripts rush for the start. The Soviets' engineers are like some heavy duty (of course - maybe it was carrying guns and stuff). The Allies' Peacekeeper rush is not very effective. The Rising Sun is probably the quickiest. I hamachi with my brother and we were like on every random things. And i got the Rising Sun. The fastest way to defeat him was engineer rush!

What i did was building 1 generator core, 1 dojo core, 1 ore refinery and 1 mecha core. While the mecha core is warping - i did be having like 7 - 10 engineers and 1 Sudden Transport (this transport works like the Allies' spy as it can disguise itself). Load the engineers up and build a Burst Drone and spy my brother's base. So basically, after spying, don't let your guard down... be prepare to build some units to protect your base from any assault even though the engineers are on their way to capture buildings. Hahaha, my sudden transport choose the Prospector... and i capture everything. Game over.

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