Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buddha's Delight + Buddha's Pet by Mi2


It's been almost 3 weeks since I have finished my final exam for my first semester (2nd year) in University. I couldn't seem to do anything than to just looking and scouting for jobs and reading magazines. I discovered something fascinating in one of my younger brother's FHM collection. The FHM's Taiwan - August 2008.

One of the vinyl models inside the pages caught my attention. A vinyl toy model called Buddha's Delight and Buddha's Pet made by some Taiwanese designers known as Mi2 Studios.

Buddha's Delight

Buddha’s Delight is a remarkable piece which is more than just being a toy. It has spiritual touching which make it a beautiful masterpiece. The Afro hairstyle and Grease-type of dancing suit and swastika symbol and not to mention the amplifier.

Buddha's Delight Gold Lounge

Buddha’s Pet

There are two colorways in the Buddha’s Pet series: The Black Gold and The Amorous Ox. The Black Gold makes a nice companion for Buddha’s Delight Gold Lounge, but they are sold separately.

Buddha's Pet - The Amorous Black Gold Ox

The Buddha's Delight Assorted Colors:

Buddha’s Delight Pop House

Buddha’s Delight Wonderful World

The Buddha's Pet Assorted Colors:

Buddha's Pet - Amorous Ox

Personally speaking i like these vinyls - but i haven't seen any of these products in the Malaysian market yet. Hopefully xl-shop has the items. This is definitely a pair of items which collectors would not wanna miss.

Further details and information can be checked out at:

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