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Butterfly Lovers 《武侠梁祝》


Butterfly Lovers 《武侠梁祝》

Directed by Jingle Ma comes another tale of the Butterfly Lovers 《武侠梁祝》 - a fictional tale which tells the reincarnation of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai not as a pair of butterflies yet. It tells the tale of their third lifetime before they eventually reincarnate as a pair of butterflies.

I wouldn't recommend watching this version of the recent film of Butterfly Lovers who starred Charlene Choi and Wu Chun. With the acts such as Charlene Choi playing Zhu Yangi, the daughter of a wealthy family who had to be bundled off to understudy martial arts with the Ease Soul Clan, dressed as a guy because the Clan is an all-boys organization only.

Liang Chun Shan is played by newcomer Wu Chun, a member of a Taiwan pop band known as Fahrenheit. He would probably raise some temperatures here as the resident heartthrob and best fighter of the Ease Soul Clan, and any suspicion of his Liang Chun Shan being a closet gay (well after all Liang is to find himself strangely attracted to Zhu) get tossed out the window when it's made clear from the onset that he suspects Yangi's gender and dreams of beautiful maidens. I guess one should go out some ways to protect his pop idol image as the Romeo for his female fans.

There's nothing more like a for-fun-film; all that cheeky stuff - pretty much kinda lame, almost falling asleep. Harlem Yu probably added a bit of cheeky fun as the Clan's resident healer Herbal Head, but don't expect any more of the supporting cast to be anything other than one-dimensional, or serving more than their singular or forgettable screen functions. The synopsis above would give you an idea of what's to transpire, and it's nothing new for serial daters who hit the cinemas for their regular fix of romantic date-movies.

If you wanna watch this story; i did suggest you watch the latest series version which stars Peter Ho and Dong Jie.

Genre: Drama/Romance
Director: Jingle Ma
Cast: Wu Chun, Charlene Choi, Wu Ge, Ti Lung, Shao Bing, Harlem Yu
RunTime: 1 hr 43 mins
Released By: Shaw & InnoForm Media
Personal Movie Rating: 2.5/10

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