Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cai Shen Gave Me Number But No Buy! T_T


7387 at first prize but no buy :(

It was a Monday afternoon which I woke late as usual and I even woke up to type the number in my mobile phone. I dream about driving in a car heading to the Sport's Toto's shop in SS 15 and shading my mobile phone number last four digits (7287) until i was whispered by a man. Although i could not see his face but he was telling me to change my number 2 to 3 which means 7387. And I asked him, " Why would i want to change the number for?" He just told that i did better buy the number as soon as possible.

The next thing i knew, i have already woke up from my bed. You see - I didn't know that it has a special draw. All i know is that it's open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

If i did bought it - fuyooooo!!! Superb Christmas. Unfortunately.... not! Sigh ~~ Oh well... better buy a.s.a.p next time!!

But could that be really the God of Fortune passing by?

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