Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life on Square Box [TV]


Days passes by, swiftly as it goes - I'm all bored and nothing to do. Nothing except watching TV at home. I may not have cable TV or Astro attached but it doesn't seem to bother me because i seldom watch TV. But if i would to miss my favorite series which i have started watching i can always torrent or flashget from the internet especially english movies or foreign movies. But what if it is a chinese drama like TVB and CCTV etc? Well, no worries either - I can always download using Real Player or use Fraps to download. Best sites to get mainland chinese/ taiwanese drama series is by streaming Tudou and Youku.

Well isn't that what is everyone doing these days in the 21st century. And there are many more video sites which of course hiding and unknown to others but reliable. The evolution of YouTube into many distinctive formats.

On my next post, i will reviewing on the current tv series which i have been watching lately. And i'm pretty sure it's still new since i can't find much reviews. It's a chinese mainland's tv series called "The Life Proved By Love" starring Chen Kun, Yang Rong, Chen Yu Guo. Along with Taiwanese dialect (Hokkien) drama series called "Love In The Vineyard" which starred Chen Zhaorong (fame of Taiwan Acheng, Taiwan Tornado and Unique Flavor). And a few more reviews.

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