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Love In The Vineyard 《真情滿天下》


Love In The Vineyard/ Zhen Qing Man Tian Xia 《真情滿天下》
Love In The Vineyard or otherwise known as Zhen Qing Man Tian Xia 《真情滿天下》 is a Taiwanese dialect series (Hokkien). The story revolves around family conflict, romance, deception, betrayal, trust and many misunderstanding. This is going to be another long story like any Taiwanese dialect drama but as for this one I'm not sure what is the last episode because it seems that it is still filming. But this is a good series that one must watch but of course understanding the dialect is a must.

The opening scene started of with the Guan family, Liu family and Zhang family all living together in the Zhishan village. Until one day, two boys ran away from the orphanage home. Then, Shu Zhang (談學斌) suggested to take one of the boy as his son despite his wife Huang Xiulan (林佩君) objects. Guan Kun-Cheng (廖峻) too wanted to take the other boy for adoption. When the decision is made, the two young boys are treated as family and they follow their new family name. One is Guan Ming Jie and the other is Zi Liang. Then Liu Ben Mu (陳霆) proposed that the three boys be sworn brothers: Guan Shi Chang (許翼川(young)), Zi Liang (王欣逸(young)) and Guan Ming Jie (傅顯捷(young)).

The children gathers and play together everyday. Then there is one scene whereby Shi Chang gave De Hui (鄭禹喧(young)) a chrysanthemum flower and accepted it and told him that Shi Chang will be her husband while Guan Ming Jie was moved by seeing his elder brother being accepted by De Hui. However, while Liu De Hui was playing in the fields of chrysanthemum flowers and there is a snake behind De Hui and Shi Chang sacrificed himself to save De Hui and he got biten by the snake and De Hui tries to suck the poison out. Upon arriving, Ming Jie lend him his good luck charm.

Shi Chang recovered from his wounds and return the charm to Ming Jie. Within Ming Jie charm, Ming Jie found seeds inside it and it came out to be grape seeds. Happily, he informed his brother and others about this and plans to plant a grape plantation here in the village. Kun Cheng and his wife assume that the grape won't be able to grow but never told his children about it but let them be.

It was a miracle when after a week, the grape seed grows. It was a surprise when all three family see this.

Then the story scene moves to another family. The Lin family; Lin Yun Long (李王羅)and Chen Rui Qing (王豪) are long time good buddies and grape planters and has always been competing to show how good their grapes since young. The story flashbacks to the young Yun Long where he was a playboy despite having a wife Wang Li Ling (梁又南), he has an affair with He Shu Qing. Due to Li Ling has been having troubles due to her infant died at childbirth that Yun Long went for an affair. Yun Long's mother Lin Bao-Zhu (陳淑芳) supported his decision. Until one day Li Ling found out his affair with Shu Qing who is now pregnant with Yun Long's child - Li Ling ran away from home her newborn son. His family conflicts begins from there. However there is a price to pay for being deceptive.

When Lin Zhi Hong (柳堅鑠) is 12 year old, he sat behind his father's car and playing paper planes and suddenly it flew up the window and stuck on the tree. His father said he will get him a new one but Zhi Hong doesn't want. So Yun Long decided to climb the tree to get the paper plane. Playful Zhi Hong accidentally hit the break handle and the car begin to slowly move down the road. While Yun Long manage to get the paper plane, he turn behind with a stun - seeing his son in the car going down the road as he tried to chase after. But then it was too late and the car went down the cliff and exploded. Shu Qing was furiously angry about this matter and blame Yun Long for his mistake. The next day, Yun Long remembers Li Ling's child who is his son and asked people to find where she is but it turn out that Li Ling has lost memory and her child is sent to orphanage.

A fruit vendor notice a boy with the red charm which Shi Chang was wearing and told Yun Long that his son is being adopted by the Guan family. The story flash forward.

Tragedy happens on one night when Kun Cheng was celebrating his wife birthday, Zhou Shu Zhen (林嘉俐) and with the rest of the family. However, young Xiao Fang (朱育瑩(young)) decided to play fireworks to make the environment more lively instead it shocked the family members there. One of the fireworks flew attach to a cooking gas tank. Her parents scolded her for lack of manners and discipline. When things are calm, all family went to bed. The young Ming Jie was feeling ill that same night. Shi Chang decided to take care of his brother and he even uses his mum lipstick to have the same birthmark with Ming Jie as a token that he will share his brother's burden together.

Yun Long and his man went to the Guan family that very same night to look for his son. He saw Shu Zhen went rage madly shouting at Kun Cheng's name. Then Shi Chang came along and Yun Long saw the red charm on Shi Chang's neck and double check the birthmark and tries to bring Shi Chang away as he claim him as his son. Shu Zhen fights to get his son back. The quarrels soon turn into tragedy. When the cooking gas blazes and cause the house on fire as she gets her son back. Shi Chang and his mother wrapped Ming Jie and threw him outside the window. While Shu Zhen and Shi Chang trapped together with his mother protecting him. Shi Chang was rescued but years later after recovering - he is seen to be having no memories of his past 12 years.

Zhi Hong and Ya Wen

Yun Long and Shu Qing has taken Shi Chang as their son. And Shu Qing brainwashed Shi Chang who is now known as Zhi Hong and replaces the son she lost. The new Zhi Hong/Shi Chang (陳昭榮) as an adult is engaged to Rui Qing's daughter, Chen Ya Wen (張鳳書). Then a new story and conflict starts from here on.

Family Tree Relations


Guan Family:
陳昭榮 as Guan Shi Chang/ Lin Zhi Hong
李燕 as Guan Wei Wei
廖峻 as Guan Kun Cheng
林嘉俐 as Zhou Shu Zhen

Liu Family:
周幼婷 as Liu De Hui
席曼寧 as Liu Mei
陳霆 as Liu Ben Mu
蔡小彬 as Da Li

Zhang Family:
王耿豪 as Zi Liang
連靜雯 as Xiao Fang
談學斌 as Shu Chang
林佩君 as Huang Xiu Lan

Lin Family:
孫協志 as Guan Ming Jie/ later: Lin Ming Jie
李(王羅) as Lin Yun Long
梁又南 as Wang Li Ling/ now: Yang Mei Hua as Fang Guo Qiang's wife
徐貴櫻 as He Shu Qing
陳淑芳 as Lin Bao Zhu
柳堅鑠 as Lin Zhi Hong (young but deceased in accident)

Chen Family:
張鳳書 as Chen Ya Wen
王豪 as Chen Rui Qing
何亦東 as Li Zheng Hao

Fang Family:
檢場 as Fang Guo Qiang
李亮瑾 as Fang Jian Zhou
琇琴 as Qiu Gui Ying

Character list (L-R): Guan Wei Wei, Xiao Fang, Liu De Hui, Zi Liang, Guan Shi Chang/ Lin Zhi Hong, Lin Ming Jie/ Guan Ming Jie

This series is currently screening in Malaysia on 8TV at 6pm every Monday-Friday. For those who are in favor with Sun Xie Zhi of 5566 band can catch him in action as Guan Ming Jie. Audience are also able to catch some funny relationship between Yunlong and Ruiqing as you watched them goofying each other. So watch this series! It's a MUST!!


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ct said...

this drama quite nice for me..
i like watch chinese drama even though not so understand their dialect, thanks to the sub-title (translator) and the story are much helping to understand the scenario. how hard to achieve the succesfull in love, carier, hard to accept the sacrifice of what we love...huhuhu...
with the evil surround our live !!!!

Anonymous said...

i love watching this drama at 8tv. does anyone know the total episodes of this drama?

Anonymous said...

The daily episodes screened by 8TV have been cut or truncated. Better watch from youtube for the full version.

Anonymous said...

anybody knows the female sound in the end of every episode? how to get it.. tell me:

Anonymous said...

anybody knows the opening and ending song this drama, tell

Anonymous said...

This is great! I don't understand Chinese (Mandarin) but understand Taiwanese (most of the time). Great way for me to keep hearing Taiwanese!

kilin1208 said...

I watched this drama and like the ending song but to this day still don't know the title and who is the singer. Did you manage to find out? Please tell.

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