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Qing Zheng Jin Sheng 《情證今生》


The Life Proved By Love/ Qing Zheng Jin Sheng 《情證今生》
(Left-Right: Yang Rong(杨蓉) & Chen Kun(
The Life Proved By Love 《情證今生》 is otherwise also known as Love Life Certificate (Source:YESASIA) in certain part of country. But if you try to google it on the internet by typing The Life Proved By Love - there ain't any information except reviewing Malaysian TV Guide section. I have been checking out the exact title since i'm not a Chinese literate. Finally, one of the websites have it updated (sorry, i have forgotten which website). As far as i'm concern the lead actor in the series is Chen Kun. Other actors aren't familliar to me unless they are not important for me to know? Anyways, in chinese pinyin - it's called Qing Zheng Jin Sheng 《情證今生》.

The Life Proved By Love/ Qing Zheng Jin Sheng 《情證今生》 is a story about a famous and successful well-known singer Zhou Hao (Chen Kun ) who is waiting for his girlfriend, Mei Jia to be released from a 3 year prison for blinding the left eye of ____. Zhou Hao was supposed to visit his girlfriend in jail during the 3 year period but he did not because his manager advises him not to or it will ruin his music career. The relationship Zhou Hao and Mei Jia is up and down. Until one night he slept with a girl, Li Yu Wei (Yang Rong 杨蓉).

The next day, Li Yu Wei went for HIV blood test and she was confirmed to carry HIV positive in her and fearing that she might infect her ex-boyfriend; she asked him to take the HIV blood test and his results came out without having any HIV symptoms. Then he went to meet Zhou Hao to ask him to take the test too. But he was afraid and shocked upon hearing when she told him that she's has AIDS. Zhou Hao was afraid and yet he delayed his blood test until Li Yu Wei kept approaching and insisting that he does it. Due to that his relationship with Mei Jia went sour. The results which Zhou Hao received shows he doesn't have any. Li Yu Wei satisfied with the results and thankful that he was not infected at all.

Unfortunately, as the story goes on - it shows how wicked is the chinese society towards AIDS patients as if AIDS can be transmitted via sweat and anything she touches. They even show the scared faces of journalist when approaching her. One journalist do not of her ruined her family and her life of a rumor saying that Zhou Hao has AIDS and is the one who infected her which is totally untrue. The disturbance nature of this journalist causes Zhou Hao to punch him and reviews in the headline that Zhou Hao punches a journalist and ruin Li Yu Wei life.

From then, Zhou Hao and Li Yu Wei's relationship begins despite abandoning Mei Jia who he supposed to be marrying to..

According to YESASIA, this drama contains 24 episodes. So those who are interested or like Chen Kun must have a watch on this drama series which contains not only about romance but about the society towards AIDS. So after watching this, people should learn to appreciate life and must not discriminate the victims of AIDS. It is their unwanting disease too.

*Currently running in Malaysia on 8TV every Monday - Friday at 3pm.

Chen Kun(陳坤) as Zhou Hao

Yang Rong(杨蓉) as Li Yu Wei







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