Monday, January 5, 2009

The 100th Level at BattleStations


Jordache Wee at Facebook's BattleStation

Finally i have reached level 100 on the Facebook's BattleStations. Taking too long to play. Thanks to business!
Minus the smile expression and the hat - my avatar looks kinda haggard compare to the previous one.. sigh!

Captain name: Jordache Wee
Ship name: Barthelemy Karas (formerly KD Scarface/Scarface BANE/ KD Pakatan Rakyat)
Current level: 100
Vessel type: Claymore
Clan: Malaysia Boleh [MALAYA]
Clan position: Clan Master
Previous clan(s): Bloody Annihilators N' Explorers [BANE]

Weapons equipped: [6] Impact Cannons MK2
Parts equipped (float): Hyper Thrusters, Blade Sail, El Toro Crest, Kraken Shell, Smuggler Drive
Parts equipped (fish): Reverse Thrusters, Lion Crest, Ablative Shell, T-Shirt Sail

Click the link and Join me:

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