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Bakuman [バクマン。]


Take 2: Bakuman Vs. Death Note

Mangaka Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata who created the Death Note's psychological thriller manga has once again collaborate to bring manga fans a new chapter in life. Bakuman or otherwise known as Comic Gambler is their second co-operation on August 19, 2008.

Last year, the fame Death Note creators has decided to do something less serious but still the manga proves to be another brainstorming version. However the drawings and sketches are more relaxed than seriousness.

Mashiro Moritaka is resemblance much of Yagami Raito and Takagi Akito looks much like L or Near

Bakuman revolves of a 9th grade high school student Mashiro Moritaka@Saiko who is undecided of his dreams to be who. He was feeling bored in the class that he sketched an image of Azuki Miho, a girl who he secretly admired in his notebook and left the notebook behind after class ended. On the very same day, he intended to retrieve his notebook but to his surprise; someone else was there. A boy named Akito Takagi@Shuto/Shujin is having his notebook and has also discovered Mashiro's secret.

Takagi's intention was only trying to push Mashiro to be a mangaka because he has decided to be a mangaka. He even chose Mashiro to be the illustrator and he did be the writer. But to that outcome, Mashiro has been denial. He chose not to be a mangaka because what has happened to his uncle three years ago.

A little spoof on Death Note

When Mashiro was at home, he is interrupted by a phone call from Takagi, who says that he is going to tell Azuki that Mashiro likes her. Mashiro runs down to Azuki's house to find Takagi waiting for him. Once Azuki comes out of the door, Takagi tells her that he and Mashiro are aims to be mangaka. Mashiro then learns that she wants to be a seiyū and has shown promise in the field. Mashiro, once again, thinking about his uncle, accidentally proposes to Azuki. Azuki promises that she will marry him, after their dreams come true, with the condition that they must not see each other until it happens...

At the moment Bakuman has 20 on-going chapters and has been published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump. The manga has yet to be released. The manga-english-scanlations can be found and read at OneManga.

Bakuman - Chapter 4

When i read this manga, it feels like reading "How to be a Mangaka?". The story continues to show us the determination of both Mashiro and Takagi to become famous mangaka.


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