Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook: Battle Stations [Trailer]


Facebook's BattleStation

Two days ago, Leonard Lin (one of the designers in TYLERS Projects) uploaded a new BattleStations trailer on Facebook for the upcoming another Mega Update. At the moment, BattleStations' online flash game at Facebook has reached approximately 500,000 players and members. While the population on Friendster and MySpace is still crawling up in 50,000 without and still without the The Ocho Shop (Item mall) embedded within.

Well what can I say: It's the best game around in Facebook if you compare to other Facebook's game application. The one and only which operate in flash which has great gameplay although it's quite troublesome to keep tracks on the action points (APs) which works 7AP hourly when you have the right amount of crews on board; 10AP on weekends.

Here's the trailer:

Facebook - BattleStations

So click this link to join me (be sure to have Facebook account!):

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