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Gemma! Gemma! Gemma! ..In Hollyoaks!!


Gemma! Gemma! Gemma! .. In Here!! Hollyoaks!!

On my early post, I presented Gemma Atkinson starring in Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. It seems that most of the web users searches for pictures which consist nudity. I refrain from posting nude pictures because it may be able to harm certain other users. But i have decided to reconsider and post it anyways. Only selected image perhaps? Probably, I'll just create a Rapidshare or Megaupload account so that other users can download it instead.

So i guess blogging and posting good pictures will attract a particular type of web users which i have monitored and tracked recently. Thanks to Feedjit!

Now i hereby present once again Gemma Atkinson, Gemma Merna and Gemma Bissix! Three out of four Gemmas' are related. But how are they actually related?? Something in common relates to them!

What's common in them!!?

1. All three first names are Gemma!

2. They are British:
- Atkinson's from Bury, Great Manchester, England.
- Merna's from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England.
- Bissix from England (which part? Someone who knows let me know!)

3. They starred in a teenage soap opera called Hollyoaks.

4. Nearby age: Atkinson's 25, Bissix' 26 and Merna's 25

Well, Gemma Atkinson first played Lisa Hunter on Channel 4's teenage soap opera Hollyoaks. Apparently she played in Hollyoaks: Let Loose which is a spin-off of the original soap opera where she first appeared in 2001 and last appeared in 2006. Enjoy these extra six pictures below.

Pic0: Gemma Atkinson

Pic1: Gemma Atkinson for Electronic Arts

Pic2: Gemma Atkinson pose for

Pic3: Gemma Atkinson poses left

Pic4: Gemma Atkinson poses the opposite

Pic5: Gemma Atkinson

Then, Gemma Bissix (born June 6th, 1983) started acting when she was nine. According to Wikipedia, her most prominent roles have been in soap operas, as Clare Bates in EastEnders and Clare Devine in Hollyoaks; she was awarded with two British Soap Awards for the latter role. Character first appeared in 2006 and last seen in 2007. Three pictures of sexy Bissix!

Pic0: Gemma Bissix posed for Maxim's July 2006

Pic1: Gemma Bissix slimmed down after piling on the pounds during her time in Hollyoaks

Pic2: Gemma Bissix in Maxim Magazine

Gemma Ann Merna (born 1984) plays her first major TV role as Carmel Valentine in Hollyoaks in 2006 which earns her Best Comedy Performance in the 2007 The British Soap Awards. First appeared in August 2006. Here's another three Gemma's pictures.

Pic0: Gemma Merna stars as Carmel Valentine in Hollyoaks

Pic1: Gemma Bissix in Nuts Magazine

Pic2: Gemma Merna poses.

Here are all the sexy Gemmas who has the same commons! NEXT: Gemma Ward & Gemma Arterton!

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