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PSP 4000 Will Be Replacing PSP-3000?


PlayStation Portable 2 - A rumor?

According to Bramwell, Sony has decided to renew the PlayStation Portable product line with a PSP-4000 in late 2009 and launch a true successor: PSP2.

PSP-4000 series??

Many publishing sources has spoken and relate to Eurogamer but were unable to provide further information on the updates. This is due to the recent launch of PSP-3000 in October 2008 which is quite similar to the PSP-2000 series model; the first Slim & Lite in September 2007.

Sony has not ruled out either scenario, despite SCEE president David Reeves' assertion in MCV last week that "there are currently no plans for a PSP2". "I go to Tokyo quite a lot and no one has referred to it - I think they have their hands full at the moment," he said, non-committally.

Sony UK told Eurogamer today that it would not comment on rumour and speculation.

PSP-3000 series - Just another modified version of PSP-2000 series (Eurogamer)

In comparison to the Slim and Lite, the PSP-3000 has an improved LCD screen with an increased color range, five times the contrast ratio, half the pixel response time to reduce ghosting and blurring effects, a new sub-pixel structure, and anti-reflective technology to improve outdoor playability. The screen draws more power than the screen for the PSP-2000, initially causing a reduction in the console's battery life by "about 20 minutes" according to SCEA director of hardware marketing John Koller. However, he released a statement retracting this comment, saying that "the screen of the new PSP draws a little more power" but "our engineers in Japan worked to reduce the power consumption of the overall system including its components" (Wikipedia).

It has an integrated microphone, the goal of which is to establish the PSP as "a viable communication device", according to Sony Europe boss David Reeves. Currently, this microphone is required to make use of the builtin Skype Wi-Fi Internet Phone service which was added via firmware updates in January 2008. PSP games will now be playable on interlaced (non-progressive scan) televisions via composite video cables. The start and select buttons have changed from semi-circles to circular rectangles, with the home button being replaced by a "PS Button" similar to the PS3's DualShock 3 (Wikipedia).

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