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Silent Hill Mobile 2 [Walkthrough]


Silent Hill Mobile 2/ Orphan 2 by Konami

Silent Hill Mobile 2 (Orphan 2) is a continuation from the previous Silent Hill mobile game. At the introduction of the game; you're now known as Lucas and you will help him. It begins in a room with 6 lockers. Click on the sixth locker (from right) and get a nameplate with the name BILL.Exit the room, go to the left until you reach the center,then to left again and get the map from the wall. Don't enter the room yet, just go to Floor 2 and search for a room with roman numerals on the right wall.That's actually a code: 2591.

Return to the stairs to Floor 1 and use the code on the first door with the Code Lock. Enter the room to find a corpse on the left and take the notepad from its hands. Nothing to do here, just exit and go to the Basement. Search for Laundry Room, enter and open the washing machine's door. Click inside to get Doll. Go to Floor 1 again,in the Waiting Room. Inside you should find a bench in the middle and a kid's table on the right. Get the Wax Crayon from the table and use it on the drawing on the wall. Then draw something like this:

(Above):Draw a triangle like the Silent Hill logo

Doesn't matter the starting point, it's similar to the game's icon. Now you created a red portal to the Dark World. Click on the sign and the game will auto-save. Just exit the Dark Waiting Room go to the center, then right, until you find a room with the same sign on the floor, candles and a broken cage. In the lower corner of the cage is another nameplate (you can see it or not first time,depends on your screen resolution) click to get Lucas' nameplate. Now exit...[fight]...and go to the basement to the office door. You'll see a Metal Plate. Put the BILL plate between SARAH and BRAD, and the LUCAS' one down,then click the names in this order: BILL - MARIE - LUCAS.


The Office door is unlocked.In the office, there's a birdcage on the right. Put the Doll in and get the key from the birdcage slot (click on the lower part of the birdcage). Now go to Floor 2 and search for a room that has a First-aid kit on the chair. Get it,then return to Floor 1 in the room with the Dark World sign. Click on it to return to Normal World, then go to the Locker Room, where the game started. Use the Small Key you got from the cage on the fourth locker. Open it and observe that it's...empty. Now,go back to the red sign,return to Dark World and search for the room with candles and broken cage (where you got the nameplate). You'll see that the locker is opened and dead fetuses were pulled out (that's why the dialogue said 'I hear screams'). Look at the fetuses, for a dialogue with Karen. She sais to meet her in the office. Go to the basement in office and you'll find Karen sitting there. Then use the steel pipe on her head. After Karen is dead, the chapter will end.

Now you are Vincent; another character that came to help. Go in the basement and enter in the office. On the left wall; hang the Surgery key. Take it then open the drawer to get Prescription. Exit,and go to the room with the red symbol. It's locked,but get the map from the wall. Then go to the elevator and select Floor 2 and use the surgery key on the first room that you see. Inside,you will find a dead body with a Scapel in its feet. Get the Scalpel, then exit. Look to the map and head to second room with the bed. The mattress looks a bit torn up, so use the Scalpel on it to get a quarter. Now return to Floor 1 and enter the room with the symbol.Look on the left and click on the chair to get Chair leg. Return to Dark World,and go to Floor 2. Enter the first room,from the corner. You should find a chair with Sticky Mess. Use the Scalpel on Quarter to get it, then use the Chair leg on the sticky mess to get sticky chair leg. You are done here,but you must go to the other rooms to find some ammunition and First-aid kit. Return to Floor 1 and search for a painting on the wall (Evil Object). Use the scalpel on it,then use the hand icon to click the buttons: right-up-right-up-right-up-right-up-right-up,to create a staircase like this:

(Above):Use the scalpel to create a staircase image

You opened a door but in Normal World. Now look to the map and go to the room with the Bookcase. Inside you should find a meat ganging from the roof. Vincent asks himself if there's a way to bring it down. Equip your pistol and aim to the top until the icon is red. Shoot and the meat will fall. Use the Scalpel on meat to get Filing Cabinet Key. You're done with this room.

Now return to Normal World via red symbol.Go to the room with burned corpse(where you got the Notepad). In the middle,is a Drain.Use the Sticky Chair Leg on drain to get another quarter.You're done with this room too.

Then search for a room that's in front of the elevator (it was locked). When you click on it a dialogue appears "So the staircase did the trick?".Once you're inside,look to the left and use the Filing cabinet key on the drawer to unlock and get an X-Ray plate then open the drawer of the desk to get another quarter. Exit to Floor 2 and search for a Vending Machine. Use all the 4 quarters,and click the red button to get Wallet.

In your inventory(press *) look at the Wallet,to get a piece of paper. On the same floor,go back until you see a door in front of elevator. Enter and you should find yourself in the room with the corpse where you got the Scapel. Use the X-Ray plate on the Lightbox that's on the wall. Vincent said that there's something to do with the body. Use the Scalpel on the dead body's chestto get Bronze Key.Now,go to a locked door which contain 2 locks and a Code lock. Enter this code on the keylock: 21536. Then use the Bronze key on the bronze lock. Now you got to find that last Iron Key...The voice said 'Downstairs...'
Go to Dark World in the basement.

Then go to the Office,and a dialogue shall stop you. There's a face on the wall. It's Lucas,who disappeared after he killed Karen. After the dialogue,equip your pistol and shoot him (where the pointer shows-in different places). That should take all your ammo. After the face disappears, you should see a small key on the ground. Take the Iron Key and return to the door in Normal World. Use it on the Iron Lock,enter the door.
--(To Be Continued...)--

Special Thanks & Credits for walkthrough:

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