Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silkroad Online: Game Performance Falling Apart!


Silkroad online crowded server (edited to "fucked")

It has been almost 2 years I have left the world of silkroad. Sometimes i do miss playing it. But the lagginess, the botters, the powerlevelers and the gold botters makes the game unease. It's either I get hang, lag or disconnected (dc). When it first launch on early November 2005 (Open Beta), it still a very good game. Although there are racism in the game, recruiting game members from your country and show who's powerful at that time. It was still fun when the Vietnamese players were the dominant ones. After Joymax flushed them in late 2006 to Vietnamese Silkroad online version, the server are peace and not much bots at that time. That is also the time when all Turkiye players rise too showing their true colors to everyone and even creating a guild name under their god's name.

But that doesn't matter, the worse is that they insulted everyone in the game especially those players with broken English. The ones with good English, they are more friendly and civilized. Then more and more botters start appearing making the game further lag and impossible to login unless you hack it or blocks the gamers ISP.

The gamemasters (GM) in Silkroad online are dreamers and fat pigs. They couldn't really bother or care about players even when players asked for guidance. I even try once, pretending to be noob and asked silly questions; GM Pizza was kinda no answer while GM Gargamel and GM IceMilk are likely to be helpful although their English are pretty poor and I can see certain Korean chars appearing.

The game is good but the gamemasters aren't doing much of a job. That there are even several types of private server of which i have known (SREmu, e-sro, ecsro, etc). I would prefer to play in those private servers than in the iSRO. Pretty disappointing!

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