Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cherry Credits Currency Conversion for Facebook's Battle Station - Ocho Items.


I have posted this post before not on my blog but as a discussion post on both Facebook and Friendster's Battle Stations. A way to let Malaysian and other Asian countries who along uses Cherry Credits game card.

However my conversion on Cherry Credits (CC) currenncy are based on Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Below are what i obtain via e-mol credit online:

- RM 10 = 4,200cc
- RM 24 = 10,000cc
- RM 30 = 12,600cc
- RM 50 = 21,000cc

But the points required to purchase its game money on Ocho MW Mart is a little different. A person is however required to purchase the game card twice to sum the below amount so as the the game money (Ochos) can be used:

- 15,000cc = 100 ochos
- 30,000cc = 205 ochos
- 75,000cc = 520 ochos
- 150,000cc = 1075 ochos

A little information on Cherry Credits as in according to Wikipedia, Cherry Credits is a Singapore based e-commerce business allowing payments to be made through the Internet using its Unified Global Virtual Credits known as CC. Cherry Credits physical scratch cards are available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and even Australia. However there are other alternatives to purchase CC.

This year on 15 February 2009, Cherry Credits will no longer associate with MOL but users are still able to purchase Cherry Credits for game titles which are stated on MOL Malaysia website.

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