Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obscene Advertisement on Facebook's sidebars


Recently, I have notice a lot of advertisements on Facebook's sidebars. And i know that the advertisers want to earn more profits from what they posted. I believe the idea is absolute.

However, more weird advertisement has been appearing. Such as how to satisfied your wife on bed and reduce the sperm spurting time. It's common for FHM and Maxim magazines from the Big Apple. But definitely not when it's from Malaysia!

Take a closer look by clicking the image and you will find it's written in Bahasa Malaysia.

(Click image to enlarge to view the highlighted circles)

Here are the translation for both advertisement statements (in brackets are the English translations):

First advertisement:

Title: Seni Melambatkan Pancutan (The Art of Reducing the Process of Cumming)

Description: Bagaimana untuk bertahan lebih lama di atas katil dan memuaskan isteri anda? Jawapannya ada tersedia di sini. Pancutkan isteri anda. (How to stay longer in bed and satisfied your wife?. The answer is in here. Cum your wife)


Second advertisement:

Title: Pancutkan Isteri Anda (Cum you wife)

description: Lambatkan pancutan anda. Bayangkan isteri anda tersenyum kesedapan setiap malam disebabkan kegagahan anda. Sayang abang! (Reduce your cumming process. Imagine your wife loving each of your cum every night. Loving you!)

Whoo-ah! Is Malaysia really that open to talk about it?? I don't think so.

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why you don't think so?

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