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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand [2007]


Robert Plant | Alison Krauss - Raising Sand [2007 album]

Along with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and the late John Bonham, the once legendary frontman and lead vocalist Robert Plant rose to fame with their self-titled band album: Led Zeppelin. It was the rise of heavy metal in the 1970s until their last album In Through the Out Door (1979) with the late John Bonham choking on his own taste of vodka (Wikipedia - roughly sixteen shots, amounting to about 1/2 of an imperial quart or 473 ml).

Led Zeppelin (L-R): John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

When Led Zeppelin officially disbanded in 1980, Plant has decided to go on a solo career. His successful album Picture at Eleven (1982), followed by The Principle of Moments (1983) and In the Mood (1984), "Little by Little" (from 1985's Shaken 'n' Stirred), "Tall Cool One" (a #25 hit off 1988's Now and Zen) and "I Believe" (from 1993's Fate of Nations), another song written for and dedicated to his late son, Karac.

According to Wikipedia, in 1984, Plant formed a short-lived all-star group with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck called The Honeydrippers, who had a #3 hit with a remake of the Phil Phillips' tune, "Sea of Love", along with a lesser hit with "Rockin' at Midnight." Although Plant avoided performing Led Zeppelin songs through much of this period, his tours in 1983 (with superstar drummer Phil Collins) and 1985 were very successful, often performing to sold-out arena-sized venues.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, Plant co-wrote three solo albums with keyboardist/songwriter Phil Johnstone. Now and Zen, Manic Nirvana, and Fate of Nations (featuring Máire Brennan of Clannad). It was Johnstone who talked Plant into playing Led Zeppelin songs in his live shows, something Plant had resisted, not wanting to be forever known as "the former Led Zeppelin vocalist."

Robert Plant's Nine Lives boxset cover [2006]

Then in November 2006, an expansion boxset comprising of 9 of his studio album called Nine Lives was released together with various b-sides, demos, and live cuts in DVD format.

By 2007, Plant has been recording and performing alongside with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss. A duet album: Raising Sand was released on October 23, 2007 on Rounder Records.

The album, recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles and produced by T-Bone Burnett, includes material from R&B, Blues, folk, and country songwriters including Mel Tillis, Townes Van Zandt, Gene Clark, Tom Waits, Doc Watson, Little Milton Campbell and the Everly Brothers.

The song "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)" from Raising Sand won a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals in 2008.

Raising Sand also won Album of the Year at the 51st Grammy Awards. The album has been successful critically and commercially, and was certified platinum on 4 March 2008.

Alison Krauss & Union Station

This is the first time that Plant has received such award since 1982. But Alison Krauss has already won 26 Grammy Awards when she was with Union Station as a group. Both Plant and Krauss respectively 5 Grammy Awards for Raising Sand.

Track listing:
1. "Rich Woman" (Dorothy LaBostrie, McKinley Millet) – 4:04
2. "Killing the Blues" (Roly Jon Salley) – 4:16
3. "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" (Sam Phillips) – 3:26
4. "Polly Come Home" (Gene Clark) – 5:36
5. "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)" (Don Everly, Phil Everly) – 3:33
6. "Through the Morning, Through the Night" (Gene Clark) – 4:01
7. "Please Read the Letter" (Charlie Jones, Michael Lee, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 5:53
8. "Trampled Rose" (Kathleen Brennan, Tom Waits) – 5:34
9. "Fortune Teller" (Naomi Neville) – 4:30
10. "Stick with Me, Baby" (Mel Tillis) – 2:50
11. "Nothin'" (Townes Van Zandt) – 5:33
12. "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson" (Milton Campbell) – 4:02
13. "Your Long Journey" (Arthel Lane, Doc Watson, Rosa Lee Watson) – 3:55
Total Score = 57:13

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