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Afro Samurai: Resurrection [2009]


Afro Samurai: Resurrection [2009 anime film]

Afro Samurai was a manga created by Takashi Okazaki in 1999 before it was turn into a 5 episode animation with brutal-bloodbath-hack-and-slash screened on Spike TV. When everyone started to feel intrigue for the artistic animated directing style of Fuminori Kizaki and produced by Gonzo. It has become a hit in both Japan and America. Starring voice actors of Samuel L. Jackson as Afro Samurai and Ninja Ninja.

The 5 piece episodes was first screened in Japan from January 4 - February 1, 2007. The final episode ends with Afro manages to defeat Justice. It was said that Justice is dead. And so Afro took the No.1 headband. Live in peace after avenging his father's death.

In 2009, Afro (Samuel L. Jackson) returns into an animated film version called Afro Samurai: Resurrection. It begins with showing Afro catches some fishes then being attacked by two fencers and ended with bloody hack and slashes. A bunch of villagers aftering the No.1 headband and some samurai warrior with a rifle tries to shoot Afro when he deliberately placed his katana sheath into the rifle's aim and blew up along with the bridges. Making the riverstream poisoned with blood.

But this Afro is weak after avenging his father. He's been in the temple carving some wooden faces to pray to those close to him that he kills. Out of nowhere, a familiar-looking-bear-mask crashes into the temple with his chopper as he rides against Afro. Stunned with the voice and mask, Afro knew it was Jinnosuke/Kuma (Yuri Lowenthal). Surprised that he is still alive. His soul is soft and fragile that he was immediately defeated by an unknown girl.

It was the little sister of Jinnosuke of which Afro befriend when they were a young samurai in the dojo. Now she's all grown up, sexy, beautiful and wants to vengeance on Afro for destroying her elder siblings who no longer human but machines (Bin, Michael and Tomoe). Her name is Sio (Lucy Liu).

Defeated on the ground, the weak Afro had his No.1 headband stripped by Sio and Jinno. Therefore, they hope Afro would find them and gets his No.1 headband back. But before he could do so, he must retrieved the No.2 headband so as he can compete with the No.1.

Somewhere within the scene, Ninja Ninja (also Samuel L. Jackson) starts to reappear with his non-stop-talking-antics. When Afro finally decided to retrieve the No.1 headband, he gets his katana sharpened and cleansed. Then to seek out for the current No.2 headband owner.

Along the way, he was encountered by Sio's surveillance camera in the form of a clay Buddha statue which resembles the one he carved. Then the next day, it was broad daylight and he saw an infant chased by someone looking bad like a vagabond or thief. It was then known as kidnapper instead. Without hesitation, Afro slashes his head through and saving the boy (Kotaro), and the boy's father appeared and thanking Afro by giving him a treat for a drink.

The man with the No.2 headband was Shichigoro and so happen he was the father of Kotaro when his name was mentioned by the bartender. Tough luck, the story seems to putting Kotaro into when Afro was an infant who followed his father and about to do the same if his father's dies.

Alright! Hold it right there! Like i always do. Well said. Apologies. The story has not end but it's just some jist i'm giving you here. So it is best to go get the DVD and watch it and i say it's more interesting than what i'm going to say. Cause i can't interpret the katana wielding hack and slash like the animation. "Slash-slash-slash-defend-defend-defend-flee-counter-attacked"? Well that ain't exciting at all.

So i recommend watching the animation! There's a surprise ending into one hell fighter is back. He's just passerby with a wicked smile.

So.. "Anytime when you're ready" to watch!

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