Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogs Regulated? Politicians? Corruptions? What's in Malaysia lately? Same old story!!


Freedom of speech comes to a price to pay. Do you buy that? The Multimedia and Information Act used to be a dysfunctional one. We used to write our personal lifestyle and let others comment or in other way we blogged on a certain product or services and reviews the critical state of how qualitative is that.

Our speech naturally evolves further and we take it more than to express about unhappiness and stuff. But if we would to rationally and critically think about the consequences, we would wander: are we being watched or regulated by someone? Is someone spying at us out there reading our every move? We feel insecure in doing so. Sometimes it's the public opinion and that we have to apologize with "Blah blah blah, we just slip of a tongue and things weren't meant to mean anything." Without saying so, we would either end up somewhere in jail by the Special Branch or the ISA.

How can we feel secure without expressing about the current affairs that happen in the parliament? Or the corruption of the government involves or what exactly have our MP (member of Parliament) done for us lately?

I mean, I have been seeing the exact same thing everyday. I'm tired to see old politics news sparks back. It's raining cats and dogs in the parliament. Well, you see the parliament suppose to be a role model and that each politician should gives a speech without the other interrupt till he/ she finishes the speech. That should be the way of being well-mannered in front of the speaker. Take for example, like the British parliament - each politicians respected each other and has no profanity words in use in parliament. I watched MalaysiaKini whenever i'm free and the parliament with the rest of the politicians whether it's the ruling party or opposition party - they just behave like babies wanting a new diaper changed. Sometimes the argument are minors but they make it big as though the sky is falling.

What's on the news lately? Frog-hopping-MPs? Corruption? Associating the DPM as murderer? Review how much the politicians earn? Stop that! I only hope that both parties could collaborate to make the country a better place.

C'mon! Stop arguing! Take a look at our economic crisis or instead we head to global depression: we head to global recession. Road and buildings developments are ever expanding and changing! Get it done!

Sometimes the voters doesn't even know who vote either especially if they are the frog-hoppers. Who to trust? Who to listen? Who to vote?


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