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Earth Hour 2009 - WHY One Hour is a WASTE of TIME?


Earth Hour is an annual international event created by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund) to urge everyone in households and businesses to turn off their electrical appliances for an hour to raise awareness towards the need for climate change. It was first done by the WWF Australia in 2007. But only gain international awareness in 2008 last year.

The next Earth Hour will be on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, local time.

"Climate change and what we do about it is going to transform the world much more rapidly than people realize." say Richard Moss, Vice President and Managing Director for Climate Change.

"It's my goal to get us moving to a world we will want, not one we'll regret leaving for our children and grandchildren."

Earth Hour 2009 Campaign


NOW! Hold on RIGHT THERE! The real debate is about to start!

The statement being made and heard across the global nations is regardless and waste of time. I just copy and paste that statement up there as a reminder and like video tape being rewind and play. But turning off the electrical appliances for one hour is bollocks.

Why don't we turn off for at least 24 hours or a month or a year? I don't think that will work. Why not? Well they chosen quite a specific time when all stock exchange are already close and people are already walking down the streets and heading for a movie with popcorn.

Or maybe the computer hackers are up to something big on that day? Ha! I bet US National Security is sure as worry as ever and i don't BELIEVE that they did shut down their defense system just for even a sec.

Maybe, maybe - the public will do some public indecency that we ought to catch some on our phones? That won't work, cause i believe some lights are flickering somewhere in the dark and winking with smiles!

Hey! I had a 6 - 7 hour electrical breakdown on Friday in my home area from 8am to 3pm. That's freaking hot enough when i was down with fever, flu, cough and sore throat. Then it happened again last night at around 11pm for one hour. Are they rehearsing Earth Hour or not - i don't know!

But come on, think about it. Why is it that when we do something and care for the environment when you think that Earth is dying and we need to heal the world? Doesn't Michael Jackson's Heal The World song gives us a good awareness on what exactly is happening to the world? Not like anyone care about it.

It's like.. "Oh, Earth health? What does it gotta do to me? Making more money is more important than to think about the trees, rivers and land, dude!!" - Well.. fuck me.

So when the ice starts to break and melt into the sea and causes catastrophe and disaster from all parts. These bunch of idiots would be blaming the government for not doing anything. Environmentalist will rise like socialist propaganda and bring everyone in front of the parliament and gather. Government will then call for the ISA (Internal Security Act) and the SB (Special Branch) to rid them off with tear gas and so on. And that's where people who does this will try to "infect" the other soft-minded people. And then we got emo-environmentalist around us.

When the global warming really happen till this big and as predicted, I'll say that's a fucking emo zombies out there!

Then there when all hopes are blundered, some wise guys will dress like white hooded fellow and claiming themselves as godchildren and walk around bare-footed gaining petition votes. But i believe that there are people who really thinks that it's gonna be the end of the world - they did try to join the cult.

And the whole world gone crazy and i will be Shaun of the dead. (pun intended)

Think about it! Mankind disaster: Oil spilled in the middle of the ocean? Nuclear power stations malfunction? Missile testing? Factories machines polluted air? Civil war? The Gaza strip? North Korean tension?

I mean with this kind of thing will never end. Global warming will continue to lead us to Armageddon!

Business mogul won't stop digging money. Shell, Petronas and Exxonmobil will still continue looking for more fuel. R & D is taking too much leisure in researching for substitute items. Politicians won't cooperate together.

Debate/verdict: Who's to blame? We are. Why? Because we rent Earth and turn it into trash. Who will wipe our species? I'm atheist but i believe Dr. Manhattan will wipe us out someday. He's the living fictional god!

And when that happens, I wanna meet John Milton or Lucifer Morningstar or maybe fiction hero Dr. Manhattan!

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Johnny Ong said...

the m'sian efforts generated a savings off 550mw just for that 1 hr of non-activity

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