Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Japanese Spiderman by Toei Productions in the 1970s


Ever wander what is it like to watch a Japanese version of Spiderman? Yes! You hear me right! Japanese Spiderman. But this ain't anything new. It's the 1970s version and it wasn't starring any caucasian in it but a real Japanese actor in it. You know the 70s, it's like an ala Bruce Lee inspiration combine with Power Rangers, Kamen Rider and Ultraman innovation. So to said, it's pretty cool to watch it.

Who doubt that this Spiderman rides a motorcycle and spray the machine gun killing the baddies!

It's not some fake stuff. But recently Marvel Comics bought back the rights to own the Japanese Spiderman TV series and will be releasing an episode per week on . Well CGi and 3D doesn't appear until early 90s so lots of green/blue screen and camera trick were used in the series. Well this Spiderman is laughable. Before it was bought back, it was owned by Toei productions.

Check the trailer out!

Japanese Spiderman Trailer

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