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Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight [2007]


Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight [2007 album]

Minutes to Midnight is Linkin Park's third studio album which was released on May 19, 2007. The album only consisted of two rap rock tracks while entirely it's more of alternative rock than nu metal. This album a little dark and gloomy.

Some of you might think that i should have review this two years ago but i did not. There are a whole lot of music i'm still listening as in whether it suits to my genre. So here i am reviewing about it now: two years late.

Track listing:
1. Wake - 1:40
2. Given Up - 3:09
3. Leave Out All the Rest - 3:29
4. Bleed It Out - 2:44
5. Shadow of the Day - 4:49
6. What I've Done - 3:25
7. Hands Held High - 3:53
8. No More Sorrow - 3:41
9. Valentine's Day - 3:16
10.In Between - 3:16
11. In Pieces - 3:38
12. The Little Things Give You Away - 6:23
Total score = 43:23

This album kinda blend with my blog titles and everything in it or what i am either. But hey i aint that gloomy or moody yet. I guess the songs are best to be listened at night or midnight! Rocking the system!

Download Source:

skirgsk 2009, PirateBay: Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight [2007][CD+SkidVid+Cov]192Kbps, downloaded on 7 March 2009, <>

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