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Ölüm Kapanı (Dark Floors) [2008]


Dark Floors (2008 film)

Ölüm Kapanı is a Finnish horror film directed by Pete Riski. Ölüm Kapanı or otherwise known as Dark Floors is based on an original idea by Tomi "Mr. Lordi" Putaansuu and Pete Riski. Lordi's song: Beast Loose In Paradise is insert at end film.

The story is simple but towards the climax - it's kinda twisted and confusing like walking into a twilight zone.

Sarah inside the X-Ray machine

It started with Sarah (Skye Bennett) inside an X-Ray machine. Sarah is an autistic child who seems to be able to see things which aren't suppose to happen. Until the X-Ray machine started to overheated. Immediately her father, Ben (Noah Huntley) rushed to her and removed her from the machine. Placing her on the wheel chair as her father decides to remove her from the hospital to find a better solution. Although, Nurse Emily (Dominique McElligot) said that it will be best if Sarah stays and let the doctors find the solution.

Sarah was approached by the dead Tobias

Cut to Sarah's scene as she sits on her wheelchair not far away from her father and the nurse. She seems to be scribbling a red spiral circle with her red crayon. Then an old man passes by and whispered something in her ear and she drops her red crayon on the floor as it breaks into half. Sarah begins to repeat herself: "I want the red crayon."

Later she went to her ward and told her father that she wants to go home and not to live here. Her father was rather confused and all and all he says is: "Everything's is going to be just fine." About a couple of minutes later, Ben woke Sarah's and told her that they are leaving tonight.
Just as Ben was heading to the elevator, her daughter starts to speak aloud as she demand for the red crayon. That Emily saw Ben trying to remove her daughter from the hospital as she tried to stop Ben from doing so.

She too followed them. In the same elevator, there's Rick the security guard staff (Leon Herbert), Jon the businessman (William Hope) and a lame and haggard man called Tobias (Ronald Pickup).The elevator seems to be malfunctioned as they crashed on the 6th floor with the red triangle besides the numbers blinking much.

They have not much choice but to keep going on the 6th floor instead. The weird thing is that there isn't anyone around on the floor. It's too quiet and empty. After many silent walks as they head to one walk to another walk. There's a wicked sound like a sharp screeching of finger nails on the blackboard. Something like white silk begins to appear. A banshee like ghost screaming from afar tearing and breaking the glasses and television screens into pieces as they ran.

A bloody floor

The banshee (Leena Maria "Awa" Peisa) or like the namesake The Possessed Sorcerest. For the first time it stops trailing. Somewhere in the scene not long, a bull like beast begins to appear (Samer el Nahhal). The appearance of Samer el Nahhal seems to be a joke instead of horror.

So throughout the scene, there's noting more than running and hiding away from these monsters. And these monsters are somehow dumb. It was not until the appearance of a sand monster (Sampsa Astala) in the midst of choking and pulling out Jon's heart as he tries to eat it but being rammed by a bed pushed by Ben.

Emily's stucked from inside along with the undeads while Ben helplessly unable to release her from her tormentors

It happened right after Ben finally releases himself from a parallel dimension. Three survivors, they went down to first floor. A zombieful of bodies lying untouched and crippled as they passes them - they began to resurrect. Trapped in a morgue, dead bodies started to reassemble themselves. Ben and Sarah reaches the next room while wounded Emily got all limped and as she tries to reach out for Ben. The doors shut leaving Emily chewed alive by the zombies.

Towards the ending, the walls started to blacken turning everything it touches to a black-tar-like. It was then the appearance of an unknown beast who only growls like an animal. More human-like with a pair of bat-wings. A combination of Batman and Predator's DNA comes a new species and he's Mr.Lordi (Tomi Putaansuu). It seems that Ben's wants to sacrifice himself to save his daughter. Unfortunately, his daughter has some great powers. Speaking to him as though knowing that his time is up. As Mr.Lordi tries to rule the light there was.

The final beast loose in paradise

Sarah is the ultimate light while Mr.Lordi is the ultimated darkness and she did mention to him that the light cannot live in darkness. Only she understood Lordi's growl and only she can fight against him. But it ended with a couple of flashbacks from the start.

There can be many meanings about the ending of the film. It could be Sarah's is condemned in hell with a damnation curse that she needs to repay all her karma in order to exit. The film repeats itself from the beginning only that the whisper of the old man who is Tobias can be heard: "I feel all cold and better now, thank you." Then Sarah drops her crayon. This time it's a blue crayon. With the film stares back with silence as her mouth murmured for the blue crayon.

Dark Floors Trailer

Lordi's Beast Loose In Paradise for Dark Floors

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