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Rob Dougan's Furious Angels [2002-03: repackaged with 2 Discs]


Rob Dougan's Furious Angels [2002 album]

Furious Angels was originally released as a 14 tracks single-disc album for worldwide circulation and 15 tracks for its UK edition. Somewhere in 2003, it was then repackaged with a double discs whereby the first disc contains tracks with vocals and the second ones with more instrumental and lengthy.

This is Rob Dougan's first studio album and has one of its famous track "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino variation)" which is used a soundtrack for The Matrix in 1999.

According to Wikipedia, "Kurayamino variation" is Japanese for "darkness's variation" (暗闇(くらやみ) kurayami means darkness, and の no is the genitive suffix). It denotes Dougan's own mix in a tragic style, as well as his stated inspirations from Japanese 'dark' writers such as Yukio Mishima or Yasunari Kawabata.

The intro for Clubbed to Death is an excerpt from the first movement of Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations and the piano part too.

"Clubbed to Death 2"'s classical part is built around Chopin's Prelude No.4 in E-minor (from Preludes, opus 28)

Track listing:
Disc one:

1. "Prelude" - 0:42
2. "Furious Angels" - 5:56
3. "Will You Follow Me?" - 3:50
4. "Left Me for Dead" - 4:39
5. "I'm Not Driving Anymore" - 4:34
6. "Clubbed to Death" (Kurayamino Variation) - 7:28
7. "There's Only Me" - 5:37
8. "Instrumental" - 4:28
9. "Nothing at All" - 6:32
10. "Born Yesterday" - 5:20
11. "Speed Me towards Death" - 4:32
12. "Drinking Song" - 3:58
13. "Pause" - 0:33
14. "One and the Same (Coda)" - 5:45
15. "Clubbed to Death 2" - 7:10 (UK Bonus Track)
Total score (Disc 1) = 1:11:10

Disc Two (Instrumentals):

1. "Will You Follow Me?" - 4:34
2. "Furious Angels" - 6:04
3. "Left Me for Dead" - 4:40
4. "I'm Not Driving Anymore" - 4:34
5. "There's Only Me" - 5:36
6. "Instrumental" - 4:30
7. "Nothing at All" - 5:54
8. "Born Yesterday" - 7:33
9. "Speed Me Towards Death" - 4:30
10. "One and the Same (Coda)" - 5:45
Total score (Disc 2) = 53:43
Overall Total Score = 2:04:53

Back then in 1999, Dougan was known as simply Rob D. until his debut single success in The Matrix film.

In 2004, Furious Angels was nominated for Grammy Award for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package.

Rob Dougan Fan Site stated Rob has worked alongside the likes of U2, Sting, Moby, Kylie Minogue, Rollo and has reworked music from the late Frank Sinatra, to name but a few, and has written and produced a number of massive tracks including 'Clubbed to Death', 'Furious Angels' and 'I'm Not Driving Anymore'(all of which appear on Dougan's debut album, 'Furious Angels').

"Rob Dougan also recorded a track for a sequence in the Matrix Reloaded, in the Chateau which he suitably titled 'Chateau'. It was written and produced by Rob and the orchestra recorded at the world famous Fox Newman Scoring Stage, where composers such as John Williams have recorded many scores for films," said Rob Dougan Fan Site.

Well, although this is quite an old album but it is a must have album! I couldn't find it around my stores but thanks to The Pirate Bay - i managed to get the album finally and ditched those i downloaded before in scattered pieces.

So what's Dougan doing at the moment? Haven't heard of his new album at all besides writting songs for Sugababes and remixing music for other artistes. But i read some forums that he is messing in his studio to get the new album done soon. Release date has yet to be informed.

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Download Source:

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