Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vikki Blows blew Dante & Nero in Devil May Cry 4


Hi! I'm Nero's bitch-kid sister!

FHM" magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" and English model Vikki Blows, 21 appeared in a game advertisement called Devil May Cry 4. Various images of her posing for FRONT magazine associating with the video game last year on November.

Her presence has been the candy-eye for more than just regular customers.

Take this motherfucka!!

According to saul relative (Associated Content), video games are getting more realistic and it would only makes sense that the gaming industry would turn to sexy models to sell their products.

And what is more appealing to males - most males - than a sexy woman with the promise of excitement and a hint of danger?

Not a chance in hell!

Considering that gamers are always attempting to satisfy their inner excitable teen (even gamers that are fifty years old), appealing to them on a visceral level is marketing manipulation at its most simple.

You wanna sleep wit me? Try to come and get some!

Here's a couple of images of Vikki Blows bare-breasting firing evilness, Dante's sword and blazing guns! Whoo-ah!

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