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Watchmen [2009]


Watchmen (2009 film)

"Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense." - The Comedian

lan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins created the Watchmen in 1985 and only gets published around in 1986-87. It was a twelve-issue limited comic book series published by DC Comics. Well, those books are about my age. And i didn't know Moore's famous works or anything till the year 2002.

So to say, Watchmen isn't exactly your standard superheroes from Marvel Comics or any other DC's vigilante. Moore's creativity is way genius than that - more of flashbacks and ala Pulp Fiction and it makes the book interesting. If you get the same feeling as me, you will know about it and you did love that feeling: the excitement of its storyboard and plots.

Minutmen (L-R): The Silhoutte, Mothman, Dollar Bill, Nite Owl I, Captain Metropolis, Hooded Justice and The Comedian (kneeling)

Why do i say that the Watchmen isn't your average superhero? Well, the Watchmen consists of 6 members. In the 1940s, there was this group called Minutemen: they are the first generation of the superheroes. They were Silk Spectre I/ Sally Jupiter, Nite Owl I/ Hollis Mason, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis/ Nelson Gadner, The Silhoutte/ Ursula Zandt, Mothman/Byron Lewis, Dollar Bill and The Comedian/Edward "Eddie" Blake being the youngest at that time.

Well these bunch of old timers are actually ordinary humans except having extra strength and agility and that's pretty much everything else.

Watchmen (Top-bottom): Rorschach, The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre II, Nite Owl II and Ozymandias

It's the same with the second generation (Watchmen): The Comedian, Nite Owl II/ Daniel Dreiberg, Dr. Manhattan/ Dr. Jonathan Ostermann, Silk Spectre II/ Laurie Jupeczyk, Rorschach/ Walter Kovacs and Ozymandias/ Adrian Veidt.

If you compare these guys to the likes of X-Men characters and Superman. Watchmen will never be able to defeat them at all. They will die like The Comedian.

Edward "The Comedian" Blake

Like The Comedian, he is nothing more than just a little stronger than normal human beings and he can be hurt. The Comedian has always been the cheerful one but he's two-side of a coin. Both good and bad. He may be your Man Jester or your ultimate badass. He got this whooped-ass attitude. Trying to rape Ms. Jupiter in 1939 right after the Minutemen photoshoot and i got punched by the Hooded Justice. Rape eh? Well, he gets his sweet moment with in 1949 after he was expelled in the following year of the rape issue. And that's how Laurie came along and making entrance to be Silk Spectre II.

The Comedian doesn't really make a direct humor; it has always been either sarcastic or dark. And the Blue man will just smirk or smile. If you watched the film, he sure does look a lot like Firebat from Starcraft, with that cigar on and flamethrowing over the Vietnam fields. He's kinda sadistic too.

The film begins with The Comedian's death on October 1985. You don't get to know the big picture behind it until you either read it or watch it. There are always reason for almost everything else. And it's very surprising.

Character casts (L-R): Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre II), Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan), Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian), Matthew Goode (Ozymandias), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach)

Watchmen turn-film is one hell of a great film for 2009. Directed by Zack Snyder and music composed by Tyler Bates. These two are great partners since 300.

I supposed that you can read or watch it after or before. Not a problem at all.

After The Comedian was thrown from a his apartment from many storeys high. Rorschach went into investigation. The police said it could be a robbery. But that's bollocks! The Comedian couldn't get robbed by small punks.

Rorschach is an outlaw vigilante known for his inkblot mask. He is agile and quick in investigating, he's like Dick Tracy. And he did mention about Dick Tracy but the other way. He warned Nite Owl II @ Dan Dreiberg - a retired Watchmen member: in the film he has the looks of that Christopher Reeves' version of Clark Kent. And yes he kinda nerdy. He has a secret basement which was an old railway block which is abandoned and linked to the sea surface: that's where Archie (Archimedes) ship is.

The discovery of Rorschach has yet to be fruitful but there is a possible chance that the government murdered Eddie Blake (The Comedian) since he's been working as a legal and registed superhero after the Keene Act was pass in '77.

There were many flashbacks on Eddie's past such as being the assassin who shot JFK (President John F. Kennedy). Making President Richard Nixon survived for 3 election terms as president.

The film too chronicles real-life events such as the Vietnam war and the Gulag war among the USSR and Afghanistan. Watchmen team changes the real history making the Americans won the World War and Vietnam war and held as peacemaker.

Each character has a past to tell and has their own agenda especially multi-billionaire of the Veidt Corporations owned by Adrian Veidt who also reveals the world his true identity.

I wouldn't want to spoil much more information any longer. It's such a great film - i give 9.8/10. Watch it in your nearest cinema and wait for the director cut's release. This 3 hours and 10 minutes film is worth your money.

Try comparing Alan Moore's previous works - the unique touch!

"I suppose I was just thinking, 'That'd be a good way to start a comic book: have a famous super-hero found dead.' As the mystery unraveled, we would be led deeper and deeper into the real heart of this super-hero's world, and show a reality that was very different to the general public image of the super-hero." —Alan Moore on the basis for Watchmen

Watchmen -2nd Trailer

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