Monday, April 13, 2009

HP Tx1000 Under Service (Motherboard failure)


How long has it been already? Since i last type stuff here? Quite long? Hmmm... i have been quite busy lately. Very busy with all the assignments. You can call it a very last minute assignment. But i get it done in time.

So long as i'm concern, the boot button at the side of the laptop was kinda fucked up. I mean not for a long time; about 2-3 weeks ago. Problem booting the system - something like getting ur car engine starts in the early morning and you're already late for work and you get pissed for the carburetor or something not getting it right. Well that's how it works for mine after that. So i didn't really bother at all.

Until one day i went to a trip to Media Prima - the day i didn't use my laptop at all cause i was so damn fucking tired after the trip. The next day, i tried to boot the system. And it miserably fail to boot or start and tried for a while and the next hour. Still it doesn't wants to start. The harddisk is working well; i can hear the fan twirling inside, my dvd-rom running fine. But i knew something's not right. But fuck it, man! It's just passed the warranty deadline 2 months back.

Alright! Alright! I calmed myself and forcefully tried to make it boot again. And it boots! Finally! I said.

What's the worse could happen? I tried to burn all my wanted files, disregard whether it's music, videos, assignments and programs and etc. I burn and trash away the porno video (not mine but kinda scandalous to celebrities! Gasp!). Psst... hope they don't dig the temporaily files in the recycle bin. You know the special wonders of how you deleted all your stuff but somehow it's still there? You don't know do you? Well, whatever has been deleted can be restored via the recovery device managment. Hmmm... that scares the shit out of me.

I was burning my other songs half way - that the whole screen just freezes out. Poof! WTF like that!

My intuition was telling me that if i force shut down the system and try to boot it back - it will never happen. So my intuition is right. Too fuckin' right! But I have already doubt of it already.

Sends to service (K-Zone Technology, Subang Parade) the next day. Upon sending, i have 2 possibilities that could make it not booting at all. First: harddisk failure. Second: Motherboard failure (I pray it wasn't). He (Loke) and his assistant both checked the systems yet wasn't sure but they said he would checked again later

Today, i went to the shop and he told me that my motherboard is the problem. No!!!!

He said he's trying to negotiate my price warranty with the HP guy so that I could get a cheaper price and replace my motherboard for free. Phew! But if it's tough luck and the warranty price is kinda pricey. I did get a new laptop instead. Damn! I just finish paying and it's down.

Come to think about it? What could possibly damage my motherboard drive/system?? Overusage? No - cuz i only use it to browse and play flash games online. Too many programs loaded on the system? No - even it does, harddisk will only get affected not the motherboards (for fucksake it's a duo core processor!! Should i blame it on AMD Athlon x2??). Too many videos and mp3s? Impossible. Overclocked? No - although i intended to do that before the warranty expires but i have got hefty assignments going around so NO! CMOS battery failure? Probably. BIOS failure/corrupted? Definitely - if it fails to reach there.!


Fuck me!

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hphater said...

yuuuuuuupp.. i have the same problem.. HP is Crapppp!!!

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