Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HP Tx1000 Under Service (Revise)


Yesterday evening i retrieve back from the guy. Before that he said that if i would to change the motherboard - it would charge me RM1220 from Hewlett-Packard itself or sending to his friends for a better fixed and scanned or whatever may charge RM500-600 if they can fix it and if not just some RM30 service charge.

A couple of calls and opinions on solution - then i test it home and plugged it to my one of my AVR (automatic voltage-regulator). Not working. After multiples tries - it's finally working. Then while looking at my TV and suddenly the next thing i knew was blank screen on my laptop.

So.. it wasn't the motherboard, wasn't hard disk either, wasn't the tablet screen either... So WTF??

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