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Leatherheads [2008]


Leatherheads (2008 film)

Leatherheads is directed, produced and written by George Clooney. A film on American football somewhere in 1925. Leatherheads is more than just football as it is also a sports comedy film. Starring George Clooney as Jimmy "Dodge" Connelly, Renée Zellweger as Reporter for Tribune, Ms. Lexie Littleton and John Krasinski as Carter "the bullet" Rutherford.

Veteran war hero Jimmy "Dodge" Connelly is captain of a struggling professional American football team during the 1920s, the Duluth Bulldogs. Dodge is determined to save both his team and pro football in general when the players lose their sponsor and the league is on the brink of collapse. He convinces a college football star, Carter "the Bullet" Rutherford, to join the Bulldogs, hoping to capitalize on Carter's fame as a decorated hero of the First World War.

When Harvey (Jack Thompson) the Editor-in-chief of the Tribune sends Ms. Lexie Littleton to cover the true story of Carter "the bullet" Rutherford. She becomes the object of attractions between Dodge and Carter. Dodge observes on Ms. Littleton purposes on getting near towards Carter. Then one day, Carter confesses that his war heroic incident was not really true yet cowardly.

Meanwhile, Dodge's attempts to legitimize pro football start to backfire, as rules are formalized, taking away much of the improvisational antics that made the game fun for many of its players.

With his own playing career near an end, Dodge gets to play in one last big game. This time it will be against Carter, who has changed sides to the Chicago team. Their rivalry for Lexie's affection spills over onto the football field for one last day.

This is not serious film, so I'm pretty sure what Clooney intended to do is to pull some dramatic romance scene with a little comedy in between to make the film look retro and interesting. What really went in this film was really great to see how it turn out to be. Sir Jonathan Pryce plays a very interesting role with his British accent. This film - i suggest you did check it out as it is unlike any other comedy!

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