Monday, April 6, 2009

My Valuable Marvel's X-MEN Action Figures 1992-96 Editions


It has been like 13 years since my dad purchases these Marvel's X-MEN Action Figures produced by ToyBiz. It's pretty old school you know. But if i could still get some of the old action figures - i would love to have them. They are indeed the best if you would to compare to these days toys/ action figures! Unless it's a diecast - that is another story!

So here are some of my action figures:

Marvel Comics X-Men Projectors Action Figures
Amazon's highest bidding price: US$28.34 (Wow! Awesome!)

Well i tried googling this on Ebay and Amazon and ToyBiz at first - i couldn't find the product and after hours of searching, finally found this. I'm kinda lazy to take a picture of my own - so i borrow this picture from the person whose selling.

The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Action Figure: Wolverine 10" figure by Toy Biz (DELUXE EDITION)
Ebay highest bidding price: US$17.97
Amazon highest bidding price: US$24.99 -US$50.00
(This is one hell of a price!)

This Deluxe Edition Wolverine is one of my favorites! My only regret is not getting Apocalypse, Weapon-X Wolverine, Cyclops and Sabretooth at that time, maybe because i was a kid so couldn't care much of the others.

The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Action Figure: Longshot by Toy Biz (SUB STANDARD PACKAGING)
CMD STORE highest price: US$17.95
Ebay highest bidding price: US$12.99

Longshot wasn't what i had in mind to get him, I was trying to get Mojo - the green scum on a machine but at that time my dad wouldn't want to get it for me so i choose him instead. But then, i lost my white plastic knives. So Longshot is currently sitting on top of my closet guarding the room along with Darth Vader and a couple of Mage Knights toys.

NEXT: GI Joes action figures! Provided i have time to dig those dusty boxes upstairs!

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