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Superman/ Batman #54, #55 & #56 [Reviews]


Superman/Batman #54. Cover art by Rags Morales

Superman/Batman #54 has an interesting story arc which continues until #56. When battling with the Silver Banshee, she uses the brooch to get to switch Superman's powers onto Batman; making Supes lose his power and an ordinary man while Bat just have to calm himself and get used to the Supes powers. This means Supes just have to teach and guide Bat how to use those powers. Even Zatanna couldn't even to figure how the transformation is possible.

Bruce seems to learn quick and manage to get a hold of himself. But the new gift in Bruce are far more than just his new-learn abilities; his friends begins to worry about him.

Irony it seems, Clark struggles with the sudden disable of power of which unable to do the things he's done for years and Lois is having a hard time trying to get him out of it.

But will the two superheroes be able to control of themselves?

Superman/ Batman #55. Cover art by Rags Morales

In Superman/Batman #55, we see Clark in hospital with wounds and stitches. A crying Kara barges into the ward room with tears. While Batman is on berserk mode, tries to kill Catwoman and then faces his long time protege, Nightwing.

Batman even went to Tokyo to take-on the baddies: Samurais, Ninjas and Yakuzas (Ginza). Having fun with Supes' powers, that in Serbia he uses heat vision to defeat armed gangsters behind the dark alley.

In this issue, Batman quoted, "Heat vision might be my favorite. it's so... unequivocal."

Superman/ Batman #56. Cover art by Rags Morales

Superman/Batman #56 is the ending arc of Super-Batman. His mind is uncontrollable that he even takes on his friends: Justice League of America (JLA). But this time the JLA has found a solution and it's time for Batman to return to who he once were.

The JLA is deciding on Batman's fate upon returning Supes' powers (Superman/ Batman #56, Page 4 & 5)

Rag Morales' art is refreshing along with writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson who delivers us amazing story arc of the self-reflecting ala mirror image for Superman and Batman; well especially for Batman who gains Superman's powers. He has a change in self-preference after being a quick learner in using Supes abilities. But somewhere within his wandering mind which makes him uncontrollable or berserk, although he is still fighting for the same cause but has becomely utterly aggressive.

I never thought that Superman/ Batman storyline would be this impressive. It's every fans dream of telling the writer or artist: "Hey, come up with something new! Something we don't see everyday!"

And here I am gripping at my single issues of the Superman/ Batman arc. Although i could choose to get the compilation after a couple of months later..

So, Superman/ Batman? It's worth your cash to get it. But wait for the compilation would be better. Single issues are alright but happy finding of course (if they are still around at local stores!).

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