Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~The Great Myth Battle~


Courtesy of Brian Wood's cover art of Northlanders #6.

The blowing War Horn of strength and might,
Swords and axes drawn higher than the mountains,
And shields emblazon with mortal enemy blood,
Of Viking's Galleon sails.

Temperament sign of the Odin is bright,
Sea beasts preys behind the fountains,
Poseidon is prepared to flood,
For any Odin trails.

Scandinavian warriors will conquer with terror,
Their hordes are louder than the ocean's wave,
Behind them - the Gods has arrived,
Greatest mythological battle when diplomatic words fail.

The Greeks will screamed in horror,
Souls will be tormented and weary brave,
Their Gods will deceived then deprived,
Norse songs of clattered swords and shields shall prevail.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2009 )

* It's been awhile i write about the dark ages and my poems. But afterall, acouple of words just captured my attention. I saw my friend, Ammar - wrote "When words fail, music prevails.." Sort of grab drove me into writing this metaphoric poem. But it's more than just mythology. Although both mythology was not truly stated. I just simply made it up. Thinking it would sound interesting. It is abit bias and stereotyping because i sided the Vikings and despise the Greeks for being weak. But this is just a story in my head. Then the image of Brian Wood's Northlanders came into my brain; then processing the cover art of the image i once saw before but couldn't remember which issue it was till i find it. If i am too bored, i might do some research and penning down for new ideas. Sounds cool, right?

Image source:

Wood, B 2008, brianwood's photostream: cover northlanders 6.jpg, viewed on 30 June 2009, <http://www.flickr.com/photos/brianwood/2248095416/>

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