Saturday, September 19, 2009

Media Carnival Reigns Upon Red October


It has been nearly 3 months since I updated my blog. Some hoping to read something on the blog or maybe not. I don't really care much. I will blog when I'm free and I will not when I'm not free. There is no denying reason, no denying purpose; just like what Hugo Weaving said when he portrayed Smith in The Matrix Reloaded.

What makes me stopped suddenly if you might ask about it? Basically, it was during the 1 1/2 month holiday in June - July 2009 that I was approached by my friend Ammar on a message in Facebook inbox regarding our Communication faculty is to lead and organize an annual event for the School of Communication students.

I have not decided and was still considering to willingly participate. After further information are answered, I tried attending the group meeting. A team has already assembled prematurely. But job scope and positions has yet to determine.

My final semester will be starting somewhere in mid-August at that time. So I try to have a clear mind on the positive mind and decided to participate with the team after my first meeting with them. Ammar, Shaiful and Kalai was involved. And that's when and where I first met JQ (Lee Jian Quin), Raffi Affendy Th'ng, Lilitha and Shanthi.

Weeks after weeks, soon a real team is assembled; as I brought it Cindy Chow and Nelson Teh, along came Zhao Wern and Afiq.. I tried to bring some who is capable in the industry but yet was denied by the advisors. That was when classes has started and begin and I have to accept it. There are other controversial and sensitive issues.. But I don't think it's the exact timing to blog it down, perhaps writing it not here. Just not yet!

The event project is called School of Communication (SOC) Media Carnival 2009 with the catchy tagline: Communication through Media Arts. I will tell further details or anyone of you who is reading this can just click the link of which I place.

And so we are called MosiacMedia...MosiacMedia (Conceptual logo art by Ammar Hakim Khairi. Art design by Raffi Affendy Th'ng)

Founded in July 2009, MosiacMedia is a form of vehicle which reaches to all walks of life to educate in various elements of education by containing and instilling both music and media.

MosiacMedia is an eclectic collective of outstanding individuals who, as a single unit, could easily produce extraordinary results with their capabilities. Consisted of students from School of Communication, Taylor’s College Petaling Jaya, the initial “MosiacMedia” represents “Music overwhelms Science, Interprets Arts and Communication”.

In matter of fact, this team emerges as a formation that has the capabilities to infuse music and media industry on the same platform. Bipolar energy from both can be united as one. This team drives and strives for the best, as to stand fiercely on the ground against the stereotype mind of the people towards the media industry.

MosiacMedia has come to realisation from the mind and hearts of SOC volunteers who endeavor music, arts and communication, far beyond their passion in life.

(Originally written by Shaiful Nizam, Arranged and Edited by Jordache Wee Chong Jin)

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