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クロ-ズ ZERO 2 (Crows ZERO - II) [2009]


Crows ZERO - II (2009 film)

Crows ZERO - II returns with Genji Takiya (Shun Oguri) trying to defeat Rinda-man (Fukami Motoki) over and over again. The man who defeat Tamao Serizawa (Yamada Takayuki) and Serizawa's Army is currently a proud, arrogant and naive fool.

Serizawa's Army with Mikami brothers

One day, Noboru Kawanishi (Abe Shinnosuke) was released from juvenile centre and visit a tomb which tells us the story behind it when Housen High School's baldies led by Toshi Matoba (Abe Ryohei) has been waiting for the day he gets out of the centre for the revenge of their dead-leader Mito-san.

Kawanishi ran as fast as he could until he crashed into Suzuran territory whereby Serizawa, Tokio (Kiritani Kenta), Mikami brothers (Hisato and Yusuke Izaki), Shoji (Kamiji Yusuke) and Tokaji (Kaname Endou) hanging out area.

Serizawa is caught between deciding his old comrade Kawanishi because it was a sudden surprise to see him back on the streets. Genji and the GPS leaders came into the scene and tries to settle things when Matoba insulted Serizawa.

Genji started to throws punches and kicks at Matoba and the baldies. But what he doesn't know is that he has just broken the "non-aggression" treaty pact between Suzuran and Housen. This means this will be the second war among these schools will happen soon.

Genji's walking away

Kawanishi tried to find Ken Katagiri (Kyousuke Yabe) when he meet up with Soshu syndicate's yakuza boss Joji Yazaki (Kenichi Endo) with no results but the boss told him that he has assassinate him. Kawanishi then desperately tries to enter the Soshu syndicate and beg him to allow him to a yakuza under him.

Ken Katagiri was not dead and he has been working as a repairman for fisherman's boats by the shore. Kawanishi had a conversation with him.

Narumi Taiga, who wants to seek revenge on Suzuran High over the two years incident murdered by Kawanishi that he order the attack on when the Suzuran's leader are in small groups.

Gota Washio (Namioka Kazuki), a second year student from Suzuran from the previous film transferred himself to Housen High School talking about his hatred for his former Suzuran High - with the same goal, being reckless he wants to be the best but often confuse. On the night when Makise (Tsutomu Takahashi) was severely attacked, Gota even tried to repeat the history done by Kawanishi by getting a pen-knife out and tries to kill Makise but was stopped by Narumi and he was disowned then.

Mentally-ill, he tries to prove that he is better than this, Gota burns down Suzuran High and making Genji, Serizawa and the rest thinking that Narumi and Housen High are the one who do this.

However the Suzuran-Housen war, Serizawa's Army is not involved and does not want to aid Genji and the GPS. Izaki (Sousuke Takaoka) confronted Serizawa and says that if he defeat him; Serizawa should help GPS.

Soshu's yakuza boss will consider to accept Kawanishi if he wants to be a yakuza by one condition: Kill the Ryuseikai's yakuza boss - Hideo Takiya (Kishitani Goro) who is Genji's father.

At the common bar where Genji and Ruka (Meisa Kuroki) always spend the night, Hideo coincidentally arrived to meet his son to test how good is he and gave him a couple of advices. Soon after, Hideo left and wants to take a piss behind a dark alley - he was shot by Kawanishi.

Hideo survived the shot and Kawanishi needs to put him to sleep forever but was defended by Katagiri to make him stopped and return to the right path.

The leader take responsibility

I am enough to take you baldies down! RAWR!!!

Serizawa's Army & GPS Vs. Housen's baldies

Genji Vs. Narumi (finale battle on the roof)

The Suzuran-Housen begins with Genji arriving alone on the Housen's ground without any of his GPS friends but soon arrived later along with Serizawa's Army...

The film ends with another challenge from Genji to Rinda-man again..

Genji Vs. Rinda-man (finale)

Takashi Miike never fails to surprise us even in this sequel! Ending it with a cliffhanger. There's no parents and teachers in this film at all so far. Except yakuzas involvement briefly in the film between the Soshu and Ryuseikai.

Well praise the man who create CROWS and WORST: Hiroshi Takahashi!!

Hiroshi Takahashi

Takahashi's masterpieces (Crows & Worst)


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