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クロ-ズ ZERO (Crows ZERO) [2007]


Crows ZERO (2007 film)

Based upon an epic manga by Hiroshi Takahashi - Crows depict the life and violence of all-boys school trying to be the best leader and fighter in the school. The School of Crows otherwise known as Suzuran High School is one of the worst school in Tokyo.

However, director Takashi Miike's Crows ZERO tells the story before the one in the manga which is only known as Crows. In an undated event, Crows Zero, Suzuran High School is lead by one of the biggest and notorious group known as the Serizawa Army with their leader, Tamao Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada).

Genji Takaya & Tamao Serizawa

Until one day, Genji Takaya (Shun Oguri) was transferred to Suzuran High School and vowed to conquered Suzuran High School. This dream only revealed late in the film when Genji's yakuza father - Hideo (Goro Kishitani) said that he was once a Suzuran High's student and he cannot conquerd the hill and he wants his son to do so before he can take over the family business.

Genji first encounter with Serizawa was when Serizawa was being tailed by a police inspector before crashing into the school field.

Ken Katagiri looking for Serizawa

We get to see Ken Katagiri (Kyosuke Yabe) who was with one of the yakuza mob ran away from the scene when the police handcuffed Serizawa.

Genji encountered his father rival boss rookie-yakuza Ken Katagiri

Later in the scene we get to see rookie yakuza Katagiri befriended with Genji and teach him how to be brave and bold to take control of Suzuran High by beating up the class leader and convincing them to join them.

Though reckless, he managed to get some gangs to be under him. He then convinced Takashi Makise (Tsutomu Takahashi) by introducing him a group date. Although he failed to get a date with all the weird occasion - he support Genji.

In a bar occasion, Ruka greets Genji

Genji then meets with Ruka Aizawa (Meisa Kuroki), who is a bar and club-stage singer. Ruka's falls for his masculiness but decline his violence behavior and involvement with the idea of ruling the school.

Genji and GPS heading to Suzuran High School for a final showdown with the Serizawa Army

Serizawa waiting patiently for the Genji's GPS

At the end, Genji had Makise and Izaki (Sousuke Takaoka) which create the GPS (Genji Power Seiha) on his side to defeat the Serizawa Army and Mikami brothers ( twins Yusuke and Hisato Izaki). Throughout here, the battle continues with lots of thunder roaring and bashing until Genji won the battle and declared as the new leader of Suzuran High School.

The film ended with the scene which is also the intro scene where Ken Katagiri being shot by his yakuza boss for disobeying orders which is to kill his rival Hideo's son: Genji to end the heir line. With a cliffhanger, the film will continue in Crows ZERO - II.

Not to forget! It has a great soundtrack featuring Bosozoku rock song by THE STREET BEATS

And this is also one of my favorite film and director. Nothing beats Takeshi Miike!! Overall it kinda reminds me of Tohru Fujisawa's Shonan Junai Gumi. However so, the theme is not just about violence but about friendship and leadership and also respect!

Cast and Character of Crows ZERO

PS: I will be reviewing Crows ZERO-II the next post. Stay tune!


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